How to Take a Screenshot in Steam

Key Takeaways

To take a screenshot in Steam, press the F12 key on your keyboard. To see your captured screenshots, select View > Screenshots from Steam’s menu bar. You can also change the default screenshot button and the screenshot folder location inside the Steam settings.

Want to brag about your mad gaming skills? One way to do that is to take screenshots of your games. Steam makes capturing screenshots super easy with a keyboard shortcut. You can also change the shortcut key as well as the default screenshot folder. Here’s how to do that on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

We’ll also show you how to take a quick screenshot on the Steam Deck.

Use the Steam Screenshot Button to Capture Screenshots

To capture an in-game image in Steam on Windows, Mac, or Linux, all you have to do is press a key on your keyboard.

Start by launching Steam and accessing your game. When you want to capture a screenshot, press the F12 key in the top row on your keyboard.

If you have a MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar, press and hold the Fn key and F12.

Press the F12 key.

Steam will capture and save your screenshot. You’ll see the confirmation message, “Screenshot Saved,” in your screen’s bottom-right corner.

Steam screenshot captured.

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View Steam’s Captured Screenshots

Steam saves all your captured screenshots in a single folder, making it easier for you to find all your screen captures at once.

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To view all of your captured screenshots, launch Steam and select View > Screenshots in the menu bar.

Click View > Screenshots in the menu bar.

A “Screenshot Uploader” window showing all your screenshots will launch. To enlarge an image, double-click it.

Double-click a screenshot.

To locate your screenshot image files, at the bottom of the “Screenshot Uploader” window, click “Show on Disk.”


Your computer’s file manager will launch to the folder where Steam saves all your screen captures. You can now play around with your image files however you want.

Steam's screenshots in the computer's default file manager.

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How to Take a Screenshot on the Steam Deck

Do you own a Steam Deck? Taking a screenshot on your handheld gaming PC is super simple. All you have to do is press the “Steam” button and “R1” simultaneously. “R1” is the right bumper button on your device.

You can find your screenshots by pressing the “Steam” button again and then “Media.”

How to Change Steam Screenshot Button & Folder Location

If you don’t prefer the default F12 key for taking screenshots, or you’d like Steam to save your screen captures in a different folder, it’s easy to make both of these changes in the app.

Start by launching Steam on your computer. If you’re on Windows or Linux, then from the menu bar, select Steam > Settings. If you’re on Mac, choose Steam > Preferences.

Click Steam > Settings in the menu bar.

In the “Settings” (Windows and Linux) or “Preferences” (Mac) window, in the left sidebar, click “In-Game.”


On the right pane, change the default screenshot button by clicking the “Screenshot Shortcut Keys” field and pressing the new key you want to use. Your pressed key will appear in the field.


To change where Steam saves your screenshots, click the “Screenshot Folder” button.

Select the

Choose where you want Steam to save your future screen captures, then click “Select.”

Pick a folder and click

Back on Steam’s “Settings” or “Preferences” window, click “OK.” This will save your changes.


And that’s all there is to taking and locating your Steam screenshots. Happy gaming!

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