How to Stop Siri from Popping Up on Your Apple Watch

Siri can be a little too eager to help on the Apple Watch. If you keep accidentally activating Siri, here’s how to stop it.

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Siri can be useful but, if you have an Apple Watch, the virtual assistant can accidentally pop up all the time—especially when you’re working out. Here’s how to stop Siri from appearing on your watch.

Why Your Apple Watch Activates Siri

On the Apple Watch, by default you can activate Siri in three ways:

  • Press and hold down the Digital Crown.
  • Tap the screen, or turn your wrist to wake your Apple Watch and then say, “Hey Siri.”
  • Raise your watch to near your mouth and just start speaking (with an Apple Watch Series 3 or newer.)

Unfortunately, between the three different ways (four if you add the Siri complication to your watch face), I trigger Siri far more often than I mean to. I accidentally hold the Digital Crown down pretty much every time I do a push up, bench press, or burpee, and Siri regularly starts talking to me when I’m eating, drinking, or just resting my head on my hand. If you’ve got the same kind of problems, here’s how to change when Siri activates—or turn it off entirely.

turning off siri on an apple watch settings screens

How to Disable Siri on Your Apple Watch

On your watch go to Settings > Siri. Under “Ask Siri,” there are three toggles:

  • “Listen for ‘Hey Siri'”
  • “Raise to Speak”
  • “Press Digital Crown”

If you want to completely turn Siri off, toggle all three off and then tap “Turn Off Siri.” Otherwise, just turn off the triggers you don’t want. I left on “Listen for ‘Hey Siri'” but turned off the other two that I kept triggering by mistake.

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