How to Stop Siri from Opening When You Hold an iPhone Button

Tired of accidentally triggering Siri with your iPhone’s side or Home button? Here’s how to disable it.

It’s easy to accidentally trigger Apple’s voice assistant Siri on your iPhone by pressing and holding either the side button (on newer models), or the Home button (on older ones). Luckily, there’s an easy way to disable it. Here’s how.

First, launch “Settings” by tapping the “Gear” icon.

Open Settings on iPhone

In “Settings,” tap “Accessibility.”

Tap Accessibility in Settings on iPhone or iPad

In “Accessibility,” swipe down until you locate the “Physical and Motor” section. The next step will be different depending on which model of iPhone you have.

  • On iPhone X or later (without a Home button): Tap “Side Button.”
  • On iPhones with a Home button: Tap “Home Button.”

In iPhone Accessibility settings, tap

In the “Side Button” or “Home Button” accessibility settings, locate the section labeled “Press and Hold To Speak.” Tap the “Off” option.

In iPhone Settings, under the

After that, exit Settings. The next time you press and hold your side or Home button, Siri will not be triggered.

You will still be able to trigger Siri with your voice using the “Hey Siri” feature if you choose to enable it.

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