How to Share Tweets to Snapchat Stories

There was a time when sharing a tweet to Snapchat meant taking a screenshot of the Twitter app and uploading it to Snapchat. Thankfully, that’s no longer necessary. Tweets can be directly shared to Snapchat as stickers for your stories.

At this writing, this feature is only available through the Twitter app for iPhone and iPad. When it comes to Android, though, it should work in a similar fashion.

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To get started, open Twitter, find the tweet you want to share, and then tap the share icon under it.

tap the share button on a tweet

In the share menu, tap “Snap Camera.”

tap snap camera in the share menu

The first time you use this feature, a pop-up message will inform you Twitter wants to open the Snapchat app; tap “Open” to allow it.

allow opening snapchat

The Snapchat Story creation screen will appear with the tweet floating on top as a sticker. Unfortunately, you can’t resize or move the tweet around on this screen. You’ll have to capture a background photo while the Twitter sticker takes up most of your screen.

When you’re ready, tap the circular shutter button to capture a snap.

capture when done moving sticker

You can now resize or move the tweet sticker by pinching the image and dragging it around the screen. When everything is where you want it, you can use all the normal Snapchat editing tools to customize the look of your snap.

When you’re done, tap the blue arrow to choose where to send it or with whom you want to share it.

edit story and send

Select “My Story” from the sharing screen, choose any other friends you want to send it to, and then tap the arrow.

select your story and any friends

That’s it! The tweet is now on your Snapchat Story and people can swipe up to see the original tweet and any replies.

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