How to Share Song Lyrics From Apple Music on iPhone or iPad

Apple Music has a couple of nifty features including the ability to share song lyrics. You don’t have to take screenshots of song lyrics any longer when sharing to social networks because Apple has made sharing easy.

This Apple Music feature, first introduced in iOS and iPadOS 14.5, will only work with songs that have time-synced lyrics in Apple Music. Song lyrics stored in a text format won’t automatically scroll as the song plays. Taking a screen is still the best way to share lyrics if they don’t scroll.

It goes without saying that the lyrics sharing feature won’t work with songs that don’t have lyrics at all on Apple Music

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Open the “Music” app on your iPhone or iPad and play any song. If the song opens in the mini-player, tap it once to expand the window.

Tap the mini player to expand it

Tap the lyrics icon in the bottom-left corner.

Tap the lyrics icon

Next, you need to tap and hold any paragraph of the time-synced lyrics on your screen.

Tap and hold the lyrics you want to share

This will open up the share sheet. The top portion will show you the lyrics you just selected. Apple Music limits sharing to 150 characters of lyrics, and it doesn’t allow you to select multiple parts of the same song. If you like the first and the last line of any song, you can’t share them together.

Tap a few lines of the song’s lyrics. Selected parts of lyrics will appear highlighted and unselected parts will remain black-and-white.

Tap the lines you want to share

If you want to undo a selection, tap the line again.

Alternatively, you can scroll up or down to a different part of the lyrics and select that. A pop-up message will appear that asks if you want to replace the current selection of lyrics. Hit “Replace.”

Tap Replace

When you’re done selecting lyrics, choose one of your contacts from the Share sheet or choose the Messages app to share the lyrics.

Tap the lines you want to share

Once sent, your contact will see a play icon, which they can use to play the song.

Tap the play icon to play the song on Apple Music

You can also share lyrics quickly to Instagram by selecting the Instagram app from the Share Sheet.

Tap the lines you want to share

This will create an Instagram story that you can share with your followers. You don’t need to give Instagram access to your microphone or camera to post Apple Music lyrics to your stories.

Apple Music lyrics shared to Instagram Stories

Your followers can select the “Play on Apple Music” link found at the top of your Instagram Story to play the song on the streaming service.

Tap Play on Apple Music

They’ll have to tap “Open Apple Music” from the pop-up message to start playing the song.

Tap Open Apple Music

If this feature piqued your interest in Apple Music, you should try adding your own music to the streaming service.

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