How to Set up Trusted Contacts for Facebook Login Emergencies

Traditional account recovery methods won’t work if you lose access to your email account or alternative contact method. As a last resort, Facebook lets you set up a group of trusted contacts who can rescue your profile in case you are locked out in the future.

To add a trusted contact to your Facebook account, visit the social network’s website on your Windows 10, Mac, or Linux desktop browser and log in to your account.

Click the downward-facing arrow in the top-right corner of the website, then navigate to Settings & Privacy > Settings.

Open settings on Facebook website

Head into the “Security and Login” tab from the menu on the left.

Go to security and login settings on Facebook

Scroll down to the “Setting up extra security” section and select the “Edit” button next to “Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you are locked out.”

Edit Facebook trusted contacts

Click the “Choose Friends” link.

Choose trusted contacts on Facebook

In the following pop-up prompt, select the “Choose Trusted Contacts” button.

Add trusted contacts on Facebook

From the text box, look up the profiles of people you’d like to configure as your trusted contacts. You’ll have to add at least three friends.

Once you’ve picked your trusted contacts, click “Confirm.”

Confirm Facebook trusted contacts

This process doesn’t require any verification from the contacts you’ve selected, so you’re all set.

Now, when you’re unable to access your account or can’t reset the password through email, Facebook will offer you an option to generate a recovery code via your trusted contacts on the “Forgot Password” page. You’ll need a code from all your trusted contacts, so make sure that you only add people you’re regularly in touch with.

Recover Facebook account with trusted contacts

As an extra security measure, Facebook will ask you to enter the full name of one trusted contact. Therefore, it’s best to note down the trusted contacts you’ve configured in a safe location.

If you’d like to update your list of trusted contacts, you can return to the same “Security and Login” menu and click the “Edit” button beside the thumbnails of your trusted contacts.

Edit Facebook trusted contacts

To make sure that your profile remains safe in the first place, there are several steps you can take to secure your Facebook account.

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