How to Send Selfie Stickers on Instagram

So you have tried sending emoji, stickers, and even GIFs as responses. But nothing quite captures your exact expression. Instagram DMs’ selfie stickers solve this very important problem. Here’s how to send selfie stickers (with animated emojis) on Instagram.

Using Instagram’s selfie stickers feature, you can create a short, expressive, animated sticker. You can record your expression or use an animated emoji overlay (with hearts, laughter emoji, and more).

This feature is available with Instagram’s cross-platform messaging update that brought the ability to message Facebook friends to Instagram DMs. You can get this update from the Settings menu in your Instagram app for iPhone or Android.

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Open the “Instagram” app and go to your “Profile” tab. Here, tap the hamburger menu button from the top-right corner of the screen. From there, go to Settings > Update Messaging.

Tap Update Messaging

Here, tap the “Update” button to get the new features.

Tap Update

You’ll now see a new icon for Instagram DMs in the top-right corner of the Instagram home screen. Tap the icon to open all your conversations.

Tap Messenger Icon from Instagram

Now, choose a conversation.

Select Conversation fro Instagram DM

Here, tap the “+” icon next to the text box to see all options.

Tap Plus icon next to text box

Select the GIF icon.

Tap GIF Icon

From the list,¬† select the “Selfie” feature.

Select Selfie Sticker

You’ll now see a new option for recording and sending a selfie sticker. Hold your phone in a position so that your entire face is visible in the sticker preview. Instagram automatically replaces the background with a colorful gradient.

Try out an emoji overlay by choosing an emoji. When you’re ready, tap the “Shutter” button to record the emoji (you can also set a timer).

Record Selfie Sticker

Once recorded, the selfie sticker will replay in a loop (similar to the Boomerang feature).

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If you aren’t happy with it, tap the “Retake” button to try again. If you liked this sticker, tap the “Save Sticker” button to save it. This way, you can reuse the same sticker again and again.

Once you’re happy, tap the “Send” button to share the sticker to the chat.

Send Selfie Sticker

The sticker will now play in the chat.

Selfie Sticker in Chat

You can repeat this process to create and send more selfie stickers.¬†Saved stickers will show up in the “Saved Stickers” section below the recording feature. You can tap any saved sticker to instantly send it in the chat.

Tap to Send Saved Selfie Sticker

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