How to Save and Download Apple Fitness+ Workouts

Apple Fitness+ has a lot of workouts. Here’s how to save or download your favorite ones.

Apple Fitness+ has a lot of different workouts from more than 20 different trainers. If you find one you love, it’s probably a good idea to save it so you can do it again later without digging through the app. You can also download workouts for when you’re traveling or just don’t have an internet connection. Here’s how.

How to Save Your Favorite Fitness+ Workouts

In the Fitness app, open the workout that you want to save to your favorites and tap “Add.”

apple fitness+ main screen

add button highlighted

You can also tap the “…” button and then “Save Workout.”

workout saved pop up

alternative method for saving workout

Where to Find Your Saved Workouts

Your saved workouts are available on the main Fitness+ screen. Scroll down to “My Workouts” to see your most recently saved ones. Tap “Show All” to see all of them.

my workouts screen

my workouts show all screen

How to Download Fitness+ Workouts

You can only download workouts after you’ve saved them. Immediately after saving a workout, the “Add” button gets replaced with a download button. Tap it to save a workout for offline use.

You can also tap the “…” button and then tap “Download Workout.”

download button highlighted

downloading a workout alternative method

Alternatively, there’s a green download button under every saved workout in the “My Workouts” section. Tap it to download that workout. So that you can easily find them, all your downloaded workouts are available in a dedicated “Download Workouts” section under “My Workouts” on the main Fitness+ screen.

download button on my workouts screen

downloaded workouts screen

How to Remove a Saved Workout

To remove a saved workout or delete a downloaded one, open it, tap the “…” button, then tap “Remove from My Workouts” or “Remove Download,” depending on what you want to do.

For some strange reason, if you want to remove a downloaded workout from your favorites list, you first have to remove it as a download before removing it from your workouts.

removing a downloaded workout

removing a saved workout

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