How to Restart a Samsung Galaxy S21

By restarting your Samsung Galaxy S21, you can troubleshoot issues, bring system changes into effect, and simply give your phone a fresh start. There are multiple ways to┬áreboot your phone. Let’s dive in!

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Use the Buttons to Restart a Samsung Galaxy S21

One way to reboot your Samsung Galaxy S21 is to use your phone’s hardware buttons. Use this method if your phone’s buttons are working just fine.

To start, press and hold the Volume Down button and the Side button on your phone.

In the menu that opens, choose “Restart.”


Your phone will then turn off and back on.

Use the Screen to Reboot a Samsung Galaxy S21

You can also use an on-screen menu option to restart your Samsung Galaxy S21.

To do that, pull down twice from the top of your phone’s screen. In the top-right corner, tap the Power icon.

Tap the power icon at the top.

In the power menu, choose “Restart.”


Your phone will begin to shut down and then switch back on.

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Use a Voice Command to Restart a Samsung Galaxy S21

A hands-free way to reboot your Samsung Galaxy S21 is to use your phone’s built-in virtual assistant, Bixby. You can ask the assistant to reboot your phone and it will do that for you.

To start, open Bixby on your phone. The way you do this depends on how you’ve configured the assistant.

One way to trigger it is to just say, “Hi, Bixby.” When Bixby opens, say, “Restart my phone.”

When it asks for your confirmation, say, “Yes.”

Ask Bixby to turn off the phone.

The virtual assistant will begin to power off your phone. Your device will then power back on.

Does your phone refuse to shut down or restart? You can try force rebooting your Android phone to potentially fix the issue.

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