How to Remove Someone From a Snapchat Group

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While Snapchat doesn’t let you remove other group members, you can ask the person to voluntarily leave the group. Alternatively, you can easily create a new group with that person excluded from it.

Think someone doesn’t belong in your Snapchat group anymore? While your options are limited, you can take a few steps to possibly get a person out of your group. Here’s what to do.

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Can You Remove Someone From a Snapchat Group?

Snapchat doesn’t allow you to remove members from a group conversation. Unlike removing someone from a Facebook group, there is no official button or tool you can use to remove someone from a group on Snapchat. While no member can forcibly remove another from a group, a group member can voluntarily leave the group if they wish to do so.

Some of the ways you can use to exclude someone from your group chat include asking the user (politely) to leave the group or making a new group with that member excluded.

Option 1: Ask the User to Leave Your Group

We get it: it’s hard to ask someone to just leave your group conversation. However, there are a few polite ways you can ask someone to quit your Snapchat group. How you do this totally depends on the kind of group you have.

Consider using our examples to start composing your request. Send something like these messages to the person you want to remove from your group in a private message.

  • “Hey [Name], it’s great to hear your input in our group. However, I’d prefer to discuss things with you privately, so please feel free to remove yourself from the group (so you don’t get bombarded with message notifications).”
  • “Hey [Name], I appreciate your contribution to our Snapchat group, but I think your expertise is more valuable in other groups. With that in mind, I ask you to consider removing yourself from the group.”

Also, note that your Snapchat group expires if nobody sends a message in the group for 24 hours. If you simply don’t want the group to exist anymore, you can just wait it out.

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Option 2: Create a New Chat Group

If the person won’t leave your group voluntarily, consider creating a completely new chat group with that member excluded. This way, you’ll be able to talk to everyone you want except for the person who doesn’t belong in your group.

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To make a new Snapchat group, launch the Snapchat app on your iPhone or Android phone. Select the “Chat” tab at the bottom and tap “New Chat.” Select “New Group,” enter your group’s name, choose the members to add to your group, and finally tap “Chat with Group.”

Enter the group name, add members, and tap "Chat with Group."

Your new group is now ready, and you can start having your conversations here without any unwanted person knowing about it. Also, note that it’s possible to delete your Snapchat friends, if you’d like to further remove that group member from your social media life.

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