How to Quickly Turn Off Annoying Notifications on Apple Watch

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By default, Apple Watch buzzes every time your iPhone does. But what if you want to turn off particularly annoying app notifications on your Apple Watch? You can do this right from your wrist.

How to Turn Off App Notifications on Apple Watch

Starting with watchOS 5, Apple Watch gained the ability to quiet and disable notifications right from the Notification Center. The Deliver Quietly feature works the same as on your iPhone. When enabled, your Apple Watch won’t buzz or vibrate, but you’ll find the notifications when you visit the Notification Center.

If you’re the kind of person who wants only a subset of notifications (perhaps only the really important ones) on your Apple Watch, you can also disable the notifications for an app.

To start this process, swipe down from the watch face on your Apple Watch to reveal the Notification Center.

Swipe down from watch face

Then, find the notification from the app you want to disable and then swipe left on it.

Swipe left on a notification

Here, tap the three-dots.

Tap on the Menu button

You’ll now see two options. Tap the “Deliver Quietly” option to mute the notifications. If you want to disable the notifications altogether, tap the “Turn Off on Apple Watch” option.

Tap to turn off notifications on Apple Watch

The Deliver Quietly feature is great for when you want a temporary downtime. This setting is synced with your iPhone and you can customize this feature from the Notification Center on your iPhone as well.

After a quiet period, you might want to go back to the default behavior. For that, you can swipe left on the notification again and tap the Menu button to reveal the options. Here, you’ll now see a “Deliver Prominently” option. Tap it.

Tap on Deliver Prominently option

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How to Manage Apple Watch App Notifications

Sometime down the line, you might want to re-enable notifications for an app on your Apple Watch. You can do this from the Watch app on your iPhone.

Open the “Watch” app, and from the “My Watch” tab, tap the “Notifications” option.

Tap on the Notifications option from the Watch app

Here, tap the app for which you want to configure notifications.

Choose an app from the Watch app

Switch the setting to “Allow Notifications” to return to the default option.

Tap on Allow Notifications

In the Notifications section, scroll down until you find the “Mirror iPhone Alerts From” section. Here, you’ll see a list of iPhone apps that don’t have an Apple Watch counterpart you can mirror notifications from. To re-enable notifications for an app, tap the toggle next to it.

Tap on toggle next to app

If you want to disable the Deliver Quietly option for a notification from the iPhone, you’ll have to use the handset’s “Settings” app.

To do that, open the “Settings” app and then tap the “Notifications” option.

Select Notifications option from Settings

Scroll down and tap the app (it will have a “Delivery Quietly” tag under the title).

Choose an app from Notifications

Here, enable the alerts for Lock Screen and Banners. Below that section, tap the toggles next to the “Sound” and “Badges” option to return to the default behavior.

Customize the notification for the app

You can do a lot more with your Apple Watch. Take a look at our Apple Watch tips guide to learn more.

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