How to Join the “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” Egg Hunt

It’s that time of year and Nintendo has gifted us with the first annual Bunny Day event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Here’s how to begin the Easter egg hunt in this new seasonal event.

What is Bunny Day?

In the Animal Crossing world, the Easter holiday is always celebrated as “Bunny Day” during the first several days of April.

Bunny Day will officially launch on April 12, 2020, but the egg hunt begins on April 1, 2020. This event is led by a costume-clad bunny, Zipper T. Bunny, who will randomly appear around your island. By talking with them, they’ll fill you in on the details of the event.

Decorated eggs can be found on April 1 and the event will continue through April 12th. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players can collect decorated eggs to craft limited-time DIY Recipes for egg-themed special furniture and clothing.

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How to Begin the Bunny Day Event

First, you’ll need to ensure that your Animal Crossing: New Horizons game version is up-to-date.

More than likely, you’ve been prompted to update the game version to Version 1.1.1 already, but if you’re not sure, navigate to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons launcher on your Nintendo Switch Home Menu and select “Options” with the + on your joy-con controller.

Animal Crossing New Horizons nintendo switch home

If you are updated to the latest version, you’ll see “Ver. 1.1.1” in the top-left corner under the title name. If not, select “Software Update” and “Via The Internet” to download the version update to your Nintendo Switch (internet connection is required).

Press the “A” button to submit any changes.

nintendo switch version update

When launching the game, the game version is displayed in the top-right corner of the screen. It should say “Version1.1.1a” to signify the start of the Bunny Day event.

By downloading the latest patch, Isabelle or Tom Nook will announce the upcoming Bunny Day event in their daily announcement.

After launching the game, it’s time to hunt down Zipper T. Bunny.

Where to Find Zipper T. Bunny

Animal Crossing New Horizons Zipper T Bunny

As you wander around your island, keep an eye out for Zipper T. Bunny hidden behind trees and up on the cliffs. You can also listen for hopping sounds—the character likes to hop around as you get near them.

Once you’ve found Zipper in New Horizons, they’ll explain that they’ve hidden six different types of eggs around the island: earth, leaf, stone, wood, and water. All of these eggs are found outdoors.

The closer Bunny Day approaches, the more DIY Recipes will be hidden around the island.

Zipper will automatically give you the Bunny Day Bed recipe by talking to him and thus beginning the event.

Types of Eggs

As mentioned above, there are multiple types of eggs that feature different color schemes. Here’s where you can find all of the in-game items.

Earth Eggs

Earth Eggs can be found by digging on the star-shaped patterns in the game that generally indicate buried fossils. Use your shovel to dig up the egg.

Leaf Eggs

Leaf Eggs will grow on trees like fruit. Just shake the tree to get them down and then pick the eggs up to add them to your inventory.

Stone Eggs

Rocks will spit out Stone Eggs when you hit them with a shovel or an ax. You will find them alongside iron ore, clay, and other materials.

Wood Eggs

Hit a tree with an ax to find Wood Eggs. You might have to chop at multiple trees as not every tree drops eggs.

Water Eggs

Water Eggs will spawn as a fish shadow that can be fished up using the fishing rod.

Sky Eggs

Animal Crossing New Horizons Bunny Day sky egg

Use a Slingshot to shoot balloons from the sky to get a Sky Egg. The item will appear in your inventory once you open the present that drops from the air.

Find Even More Eggs on Mystery Islands

If you’ve run out of rocks and trees to gather eggs on your island but you’re itching for more, you can visit a Mystery Island to continue your hunt.

By shopping at the Nook Stop kiosk, you can exchange 2,000 Nook Miles for a Nook Miles ticket that you can redeem at the airport. This ticket will take you to a randomly generated Mystery Island.

Here, you’ll find plenty of rocks and trees to uncover even more eggs.

Finding DIY Recipes

Finding DIY Recipes is a little more time-intensive than hunting the eggs. Here are a few places to find the limited-time Bunny Day DIY Recipes.

Egg Message Bottles

Animal Crossing New Horizons egg message bottle

By wandering around the coast of your island, you can discover Egg Message Bottles that will contain a DIY Recipe and a message from Zipper T. Bunny.

Island Residents

If you have built up relationships with the residents on your island, they might give you a Bunny Day Recipe. Go around your island and have a conversation with your neighbors.


When you shoot down balloons with your slingshot, you may receive a Sky Egg or a DIY Recipe. The balloons appear at random, so ensure that you keep your slingshot on hand in case one flies overhead.

On April 12, 2020, Zipper T. Bunny will appear on your island to celebrate the Bunny Day event. If you’ve made every Bunny Day DIY Recipe, Zipper will reward you with an extra special Bunny Day DIY Recipe.

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