How to Increase Text Size on the Apple Watch

Some text on your Apple Watch’s tiny screen can be difficult to read. Smaller text can be found in app menus, notifications, or messaging apps. Here’s how you can increase the text size on your Apple Watch.

Just like the iPhone and iPad, the Apple Watch supports Dynamic Type. Dynamic Type lets you increase or decrease the text size across the entire operating system, including the default apps. If third-party apps support Dynamic Type (and many popular apps do), the text size will update there as well.

You can increase or decrease the text size from the Settings menu. To get there, lift up your wrist to activate the screen on your Apple Watch. From the watch face, press the Digital Crown to open the apps screen. From here, open the “Settings” app.

Open Settings on Apple Watch

Now, go to the “Display and Brightness” section and choose the “Text Size” option.

Select Text Size from Settings

You’ll see a text size slider at the top. Turn the Digital Crown to increase or decrease the text size. If you’re finding the text on the Apple Watch hard to read, we suggest that you go with the largest text size.

Increase Text Size on Apple Watch

As you’re changing the text size, you’ll see the preview text change as well. This will help you decide which text size to go with.

Once you’re done, simply press the Digital Crown button.

Examples of Increased Text Size on Apple Watch

Now, you’ll see the updated and increased text size in (almost) every app installed on your Apple Watch.

If increasing the text size doesn’t do the trick, try the Zoom feature. It will let you zoom in to a small part of the screen using a double-tap gesture.

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