How to Hide a Comment on Your Post on Facebook

Key Takeaways

On your desktop, hide a Facebook comment by selecting the three-dot menu next to it. Then, choose “Hide Comment.” On mobile, tap and hold the comment and select “Hide Comment” or “Hide.”

Struggling with unwanted comments on your Facebook posts? While you can turn them off, you can also hide comments. When you do so, the commenter and their friends will still see the comment, but it won’t be visible to anyone else. Here’s how to hide Facebook comments on both desktop and mobile.

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When you hide a comment, Facebook makes that comment invisible to everyone, except for the person who wrote the comment and their friends. Facebook doesn’t notify the commenter, so they won’t know you’ve hidden their comment.

The people you’ve chosen to share your post with won’t see the hidden comments. The replies to the comment will also be hidden.

You, as the original poster, will get to see the comment but in a different format. Later, you can choose to unhide the comment if you want.

Hiding a comment is different from deleting a comment. In the latter case, the comment gets removed from your post for good.

To start the process, launch Facebook on your computer or mobile and access the comment you want to hide.

On Desktop

If you’re using a desktop, hover over the comment. Then, next to the comment, click the three-dot menu and choose “Hide Comment.”

Select the three dots and choose

On Mobile

On mobile, tap and hold the comment and choose “Hide Comment” or “Hide,” depending on your device.


Facebook has now hidden your selected comment. It’s now only visible to the person who wrote it and their friends.

A hidden comment on a Facebook post.

Later, you can unhide a comment if you want. In that case, on a desktop, hover over the comment and click the three-dot menu next to it. Then, choose “Unhide Comment.”

Select the three dots and choose

On mobile, tap and hold the hidden comment and choose “Unhide Comment.”


If you find someone leaving too many inappropriate comments on your posts, you can block that user on Facebook. Doing so makes your profile invisible to them, preventing them from seeing or commenting on any of your posts.

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