How to Get Rid of Samsung Calendar on Galaxy Phones

Samsung Galaxy devices include the company’s own apps, which duplicate many of Google’s. This is annoying if you prefer Google’s apps. Getting double notifications for every calendar event gets old, but can you remove the Samsung Calendar?

Unfortunately, you can’t uninstall or disable the Samsung Calendar app. The good news is we can take some steps to stop it from interfering with Google Calendar. You’ll forget it’s even there.

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First, swipe down once from the top of the screen and tap the gear icon.

Tap the gear icon.

Next, scroll down to “Apps.”


Find the Samsung Calendar app in the list. It’s labeled as “Calendar” with a teal icon.


The first thing we’ll do is go into “Notifications” and turn them all off.

Turn off all notifications.

Next, go back and select “Permissions,” then remove all of them too.

Remove all permissions.

With all the permissions removed, go to the “Mobile Data” section and turn off “Allow Background Data Usage.”

Turn off

Lastly, go back and select “Battery.” Change it to “Restricted” so the app can’t run in the background.

Change the battery usage to

That’ll do it! We have blocked the app from sending notifications, removed all the permissions it needs to access your calendars, and stopped it from using data and running in the background. The app is still installed, but we’ve made it basically useless. Samsung hardware is great, but its software can get in the way sometimes.

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