How to Find Your Memories on Facebook

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Viewing your Facebook Memories is a great way to know what you were doing on any given day in the past. Facebook Memories include your posts, posts you’re tagged in, and other content. Plus, it’s super easy to access. We’ll show you how.

Find Your Facebook Memories on Desktop

To access your Memories on desktop, first, launch a web browser on your computer and open Facebook. Then, sign in to your account if you haven’t already.

After signing in, from Facebook’s left sidebar, select “Memories.” If you don’t find this option, choose Menu > Memories instead.

In the future, to quickly access your Memories, bookmark theĀ Memories page.


When the “Memories” page opens, you’ll see all your posts from this day in the past.

If you reach the Memories section in your profile and don’t find any content there, that’s because you don’t have any Memories from that particular day. However, you can always try the next day.

View Facebook Memories on desktop.

Facebook allows you to control what Memories you see and when you get notifications for them. On the same “Memories” page, in the left sidebar, you’ll find the following options:

  • Notifications: To enable, disable, or only get notifications for your Memories highlights, use this option.
  • Hide People: If you’d like to hide Memories you’ve had with someone, choose this option.
  • Hide Dates: To hide Memories between a specific date range, select this option.

Manage settings for Facebook Memories on desktop.

View Your Facebook Memories on Mobile

On your mobile device, launch the Facebook app and tap your profile icon (on iOS, tap the Menu icon).

On the “Menu” screen that opens, choose “Memories.”

If you don’t find the “Memories” option, select “See More” to view it.


On the “Memories” page, you’ll see all your content from this day in the past.

Access Facebook Memories on mobile.

To manage your Memories settings, tap the gear icon in the top-right corner.

On the following page, you can choose what Memories notifications you’d like to receive and if you’d like to disable Memories from certain dates or specific people.

Manage settings for Facebook Memories on mobile.

And that’s how you go back in time using your Facebook profile. Happy reminiscing!

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