How to Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

Facebook is over the moon about dark mode.

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About a month ago Facebook started testing a dark mode for Messenger, but activating it required sending a crescent moon to a friend. Now you can skip that step and move straight to dark mode—here’s how.

Dark Mode Seems to be Everywhere

Everybody wants in on the dark mode craze. Whether it be your operating system, your email, or your browser, you can probably turn on a dark mode setting (nobody told Microsoft though). For some phones and laptops, black and grey colors will extend your battery life. And if you’ve ever checked your phone “just real quick” in a darkened theater or after turning the lights off in the bedroom, you’ve discovered that bright whites of a light theme will blind everybody and earn you enemies for life.

You can now add one more app to the growing list going dark, thanks to an official update on Facebook Messenger announced today. Thankfully, the process is easy. Just a couple of steps, and no crescent moon required. Here’s what to do:

How To Enable Dark Mode

To turn on Dark Mode, open up Facebook messenger and tap on your account photo.

Messenger app with arrow pointing to account photo

Then tap the “Dark Mode” toggle, found just below your name.

Messenger app account settings with arrow pointing to dark mode toggle

And that’s it; you should see dark mode enabled immediately.

Facebook messenger in dark mode.

Unfortunately, in our testing, the setting needed to be turned on for each device. So if you use Messenger from multiple phones and tablets, you’ll want to repeat the process on all of them.

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