How to Disable the Screenshot Button on the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch’s screenshot capture button is a handy feature to have. Still, many players accidentally hit it while in a heated game—or children press it repeatedly, unaware that they are filling up the system memory with 10,000 screenshots. Here’s how to disable it.

With firmware version 10.0.0 or later, Nintendo allows you to remap controller buttons on a system-wide basis in the Switch’s System Settings. With the update, you can even disable specific buttons, such as the capture button, which is a square button with a circle inside, located on the left Joy-Con, the Switch Pro Controller, or on various third-party controllers.

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How to Disable the Capture Button

To disable the Capture button, first, make sure the controller with the capture button you want to disable is connected to the Switch. From there, launch System Settings by tapping on the Gear icon on the Switch’s home screen.

Nintend Switch: Select System Settings on Home Screen

In System Settings, navigate to “Controllers And Sensors” and then select the “Change Button Mapping” option.

Select Change Button Mapping on Nintendo Switch

On the “Button Mapping” screen, you will see a list of attached controllers on the left.

Choose the controller you’d like to modify and then select the “Change” button. This technique works for the left Joy-Con, the Pro Controller, and other controllers with the Capture button.

Select Controller to change mapping on Nintendo Switch

You will now see a visual diagram of the controller you selected. Using the thumbstick, navigate until the Capture button is highlighted and then press the physical “A” button.

Select Capture Button to Disable it on Nintendo Switch

System Settings will ask you to select a new mapping for the Capture button. Choose the “Disable” option and press the physical “A” button to confirm the selection.

Select Disable from menu on Nintendo Switch

You will return to the “Change Button Mapping” screen with the controller diagram, where you should see that the Capture button has been disabled. Select the “Done” button to confirm the change.

Select Done on Nintendo Switch

A pop-up will tell you that the button mapping has been updated. Select the “OK” button to proceed.

Confirmation of button remapping on Nintendo Switch

After confirming the button change, the Capture button on the controller you selected will now be disabled. (Note that you can still capture screenshots using a different controller whose Capture button has not been disabled.)

You can now exit the System Settings and play games as usual.

How to Save Your Custom Button Mapping to a Quick Profile

If you’d like, you can save your custom button mapping for the controller you modified to a profile so that you can quickly toggle between enabling and disabling the Capture button.

Open System Settings (by selecting the Gear icon from the home screen) and then navigate to Controllers And Sensors > Change Button Mapping. Select the controller with the Capture button mapping that you’d like to save and choose “Save Mapping.”

Select Save Mapping on Nintendo Switch

You will be asked to select a numbered save slot. Pick the one you’d like and then hit the physical “A” button.

Select custom button mapping slot on Nintendo Switch

Your custom mapping will be saved. You can load it again at any time in System Settings from Controllers And Sensors > Change Button Mapping > Button Mapping > Load Mapping.

How to Re-Enable the Nintendo Switch Capture Button

If you want to revert to the default controller mapping, open System Settings (by selecting the Gear icon found on the home screen) and then navigate to Controllers And Sensors > Change Button Mapping. Select the controller with the Capture button that you’d like to restore and choose the “Reset” option.

Select Reset to reset button mapping on Nintendo Switch

On the confirmation dialog that follows, select “Reset.” The custom mapping will be completely reset and the Capture button will behave as usual again. Happy gaming!

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