How to Disable Friend Requests on a Nintendo Switch

Are unwanted friend requests on your Nintendo Switch getting on your nerves? Here’s how to stop receiving friend requests completely.

If unwanted friend requests on the Nintendo Switch are getting on your nerves, it’s easy to disable them completely in Settings without affecting your current friend list. Best of all, you can still add friends later if you need to. Here’s how to  do it.

First, on the Nintendo Switch Home Menu, select your user profile icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.

On the Switch Home screen, select your user profile icon.

In the sidebar menu of your profile page, select “User Settings.”

On your Switch profile page, select

In “User Settings,” scroll down the page and locate the “Friend Functions” section. Select “Friend Settings.”

In Switch User Settings, select

In “Friend Settings,” toggle “Receive Friend Requests” to “Off.” This turns off friend requests.

In Switch User Settings, turn

After that, press the “B” button several times to exit the “User Settings” Menu.

With “Receive Friend Requests” set to “Off,” you will no longer receive friend requests. But you can still add a friend by using the features on the Profile > Add Friend page, including exchanging a friend code or searching for local users. Have fun!

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