How to Disable Apple Music’s New Release Notification on iPhone

Apple Music has a habit of sending notifications for new releases from popular artists. Now, the app is starting to do that for your favorite artists, too. If you don’t like Apple Music’s “New Releases” notifications, here’s how to turn them off.

Apple Music is now sending out notifications for new albums, EPs, and even videos from artists that you’ve added to your library. The notifications show up on your lock screen, Notification Center, and also at the top of the app’s Library tab. If you have a vast library, this can get annoying fairly quickly.

Fortunately, you can disable the notifications right from the Music app.

Start by opening the “Music” app, and make sure that you’re logged into your Apple Music account. From there, go to the “For You” tab.

Select the For You tab in Apple Music

Next, tap on your Profile icon found in the top-right corner of the app.

Tap on your Profile icon

Select the “Notifications” option.

Tap on Notifications

Now, tap on the toggle next to the “New Music” option to disable the notifications.

Tap on toggle next to New Music

If you want to turn off all notifications from the Music app, you can do so from the iPhone’s “Settings” app.

Here, tap on the “Notifications” option.

Tap on Notifications

From this list, select the “Music” app.

Tap on Music from Notifications section

Now, tap on the toggle next to “Allow Notifications” to disable all notifications.

Tap on toggle next to Allow Notifications

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