How to Delete Old Facebook Friend Requests

If you’ve had a Facebook account for years, you might have sent out quite a few friend requests when you first opened your account. Not all of those requests were likely answered. That’s all right, because you can go through your pending requests and delete them.

This wasn’t always the case. For quite some time, if you wanted to cancel friend requests, you actually had to go to the profile and cancel it from there.

This had the two problems. First, you had to remember all your friend requests, and then of course, you had to go to each and every profile rather than being able to administer to all your pending friend requests in one place. Thankfully, you can now attend to Facebook requests from a single page, which means that you can rescind those friend requests if you think better of it the next day, or even right after you send it.

First, click on the friend requests button. You’ll see here pending requests sent to you and suggestions that Facebook makes called “People You May Know.”

Scroll to the bottom of this list and click “See All” to show all your Facebook friend requests.

Here on the resulting page, we see we’ve 10 pending friend requests that we can either confirm or delete. This is nothing new and you may or not even have any friend requests if you’re especially good about taking care of them as they occur. Note however, the small link “View Sent Requests” in the Respond heading.

Clicking on that link will whisk you to your “Friend Requests Sent” page where you can see every friend request you’ve ever made since you opened you account. Click on the button “Friend Request Sent” for further options. You can add your friend request to a specific list (Close Friends, Acquaintances, etc.) or suggest friends to your new, future friend.

Simply select “Cancel Request” to delete it, and you’re done. Now go through the rest of your old sent requests and do the same thing for each want you want to cancel.

It’s always good to audit your social media accounts from time to time, and this is just another way of doing that. From an account management point of view, the people that you attempted to friend years ago may be people you don’t necessarily want to be friends with today. Or, simply, you may just want to tie off any loose ends. Also, once you cancel a request, you can then resend a request, in case they didn’t see it the first time.

In the end, we know Facebook can be pretty annoying but to many, it’s a necessary evil. After all, this is the social network most of your real life friends and even family use. We like to think however, we can do our best to master it and mitigate some of its more offending features, such as putting the kabash on birthday notifications or clamping down on irritating game and app requests.

So, until a better social network comes along, we’ll have to do what’s necessary to keep Facebook’s flaws to a minimum. It’s nice now that you can delete old friend requests so we’ll count that as one in the positive column.

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