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To delete a BeReal post on Android, open the post’s options menu by tapping the three-dot icon. Then, select “Delete My BeReal,” choose a reason for removing your post, tap “Yes, I’m Sure,” and select “Delete.”

BeReal encourages you to capture and publish spontaneous posts. Sometimes, these posts don’t go well and you feel the need to bring them back. Luckily, it’s easy to delete a BeReal post on both your iPhone and Android phone. We’ll show you how.

Can You Delete a BeReal Post?

Yes, you can delete a BeReal post from within the BeReal app on your iPhone or Android phone. However, there are a couple of things to know about removing BeReal posts:

  • You can only delete one BeReal post per day; not more than that.
  • If you delete a BeReal post, you can’t delete the next one.

With these rules, it seems the company wants you to keep your posts and not delete them on the platform.

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How to Delete a BeReal Post on iPhone or Android

To begin removing your post, launch the BeReal app on your iPhone or Android phone.

If you’re on an iPhone, then next to your BeReal post, tap the three dots. Then, select “Options” from the bottom-right corner.

On Android, select your BeReal post. Then, in the screen’s top-right corner, tap the three dots.

Tap the three dots in the top-right corner.

On either iPhone or Android, in the open menu, select “Delete My BeReal.”


BeReal will ask the reason you’re deleting your post. Here, choose a reason, then at the bottom, tap “Yes, I’m Sure.”

Select a reason and choose

BeReal will ask for the last time if you’re really sure you want to delete your post. To confirm your choice, tap “Delete.”


And BeReal has now removed your post. Just like that, you can also delete your Facebook posts if you want.

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