How to Customize Your Apple Watch’s Control Center

The Control Center on your Apple Watch is a quick way to check its battery, activate modes like SIlent and Airplane mode, and perform other actions. Here’s how to customize it so the features you use most are only a quick swipe away.

How to Open the Control Center

how to open apple watch control center

From your watch face, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center. You can then swipe or use the Digital Crown to scroll.

If you’re on another screen, touch and hold on the bottom of the screen, and then swipe up. You can’t open the Control Center from the Home Screen (the one with all your apps).

To close the Control Center, swipe down from the top of your screen. You can also press the Digital Crown. (That’s the wheel on the side of your watch.)

Everything the Control Center Does

all control center icons

The Control Center has a lot of features crammed into it. Here are the main options in the Control Center, going from left to right:

That’s a lot of different icons!

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How to Add or Remove Icons

how to add a hidden icon to apple watch control center

Some features are hidden by default. To add them to your Control Center, open the Control Center, scroll down to the bottom, and tap “Edit.” Under “More,” you’ll see any hidden features. Tap the green “Plus” button to add the icons, then tap “Done.”

how to remove icon apple watch control center

On the other hand, you can tidy up your Control Center by removing any features you don’t use. Open the Control Center, scroll down to the bottom, and tap “Edit.” Tap the red “Dash” (minus sign) icon next to any features you want hidden.

Note: You won’t always see every icon. For example, you won’t see the Cellular icon unless you have an Apple Watch with Cellular and GPS. Similarly, you need the Walkie Talkie app installed to see its icon.

How to Reposition Control Center Icons

how to move icon apple watch control center

You can also move these icons around so that your favorite features are quicker to access. Open the Control Center, scroll down and tap “Edit,” tap and hold on any icon, then drag it to the place you want it to be. Tap “Done” when you’re happy with things.

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