How to Customize Steam Search Settings

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On average, 174 games are added to Steam’s already massive game library every month. Solve your analysis paralysis and use Steam Search’s ever-evolving array of features to narrow your filters from baseball stat simulators to cooking action titles.

How to Search the Steam Store

As a part of Valve’s Steam Labs initiative, new improvements allow you to dictate results based on budget, equipment, and what titles you already own.

To open the customizable search engine, navigate any web browser to “”

Alternatively, open your Steam client, select the “Store” tab, and then click the magnifying glass in the top right. You can type the title of the game you’re looking for into the search bar, and a drop-down menu will display the titles that come up first.

Steam Store Page

From the Search page, type in any relevant terms, whether that’s the title of the game or a particular tag (e.g., “Windows”, “puzzle”, “multiplayer”). Use quotation marks to separate different search terms. You can also type “NOT” (in all caps) immediately after any quotation mark to exclude the term that follows (e.g., “NOT HTC Vive”).

Open the “Sort By” drop-down menu to sort your results by name, price, release date, user reviews, or Steam’s assumptions of relevance (default).

Steam Client Search Term

Narrow Down Your Steam Search with Custom Filters

On the right side of the Search page are all of the more in-depth search parameters. To set a maximum price for your Steam Search, click and drag the slider on the right under “Narrow By Price” to your desired setting. Check the “Special Offers” box if you only want games that are currently discounted down from its usual price.

Under “Narrow by Preferences”, check the appropriate box if you want to hide titles that you previously told Steam to ignore, titles you already own, or titles already on your wishlist. This option is only available if you’ve signed in.

Steam Search Price and Preferences

“Narrow by Tag” leverages Steam’s user-driven custom tagging system to let you search for a wide range of tags based on the genre, style, or theme of the game. Check any of the popular tags available or type in the search bar to find a more specific term to suit your tastes. Click “See All” to expand the possible tag selections.

Steam Search by Tag

Click any checkbox under “Show Selected Types” to filter results to only that particular type of content. Although Steam is primarily a digital game platform, a good range of music and movies are available, as well as physical hardware like Valve’s various VR devices and accessories.

Steam Search by Type

“Narrow by Players” features a wide range of filters for any conceivable social setup. Whether you want to play alone; with strangers; with enemies; with allies; with friends across the world; or with friends on your couch, screen, or network; there’s a setting for you. You can select multiple filters that will overlap.

Steam Search Players

You can all filter out games that don’t take advantage of Steam’s diverse array of features like remote play, cloud saves, and Steam Workshop under the “Narrow by Feature” menu. You can also search for games that are compatible with relevant accessories or devices like Steam Controllers, tablets, phones, etc.

Steam Search Narrow By Feature

“Narrow by VR Support” allows you to search for games that exclusively or partially support different virtual reality setups. You can search for games that are optimized for different headsets and inputs, as well as the amount of physical space you need in the play area. To exclude games that are only available to VR headset owners, click the “-” icon next to “VR Only”.

Steam Search VR

You can click on the gray bar at the top of any search feature to expand/collapse it. These search parameters will always reset when you leave or close your browser or client.

When you’re looking for a turn-based co-op fantasy adventure game under $20 for Windows and macOS with support for controllers and three different languages, these robust features from one of the world’s biggest digital storefronts will help you to make that search a breeze.

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