How to Create a Guide of Your Favorite Places on Instagram

If you’re looking to publicly document all the places you’ve visited, look no further than Instagram. It allows you to curate your travel locations, media, and details of your experiences into guides. Here’s how to compose a new Instagram guide.

Launch the Instagram app on your Android device or iPhone. Tap your display picture icon in the bottom-right corner to head into your profile page.

Visit the profile tab on the Instagram app

Tap the “+” button from the top-right corner.

Create a guide on Instagram

From the list of options, go to Guide > Places.

Visit the guides option on Instagram

Here, you can search and choose the locations you’d like to feature in your guide.

The “Search” tab lets you look up any place from around the world. You can access the locations of the posts you’ve bookmarked from “Saved,” and in the “Your Posts” section, you’ll find a list of all the addresses you’ve linked to your public posts in the past.

Create a Instagram guide of places

When you select a location, Instagram will ask you to pick which pictures or videos you want to present with it. Tap the blue “Next” button once you’re done.

Choose media for your Instagram guide of places

Next, you have the option to set a title and cover photo for your guide. This will appear on the thumbnail of your guide in your profile’s dedicated “Guides” section. You can also add a description of what this collection is about.

Edit a Instagram's guide title and cover

Similarly, you can set a title and bio of each of the posts you’ve included in the guide.

You can add more places with the “Add Place” button at the bottom of this screen.

Add a place in Instagram guide

To remove a location or edit the list’s order, tap the three-dot menu icon available beside a post.

Remove and reorder posts in an Instagram guide

Hit “Next” when you’re finished editing the guide.

Tap the “Share” button to save the guide to your Instagram account, or you can publish it later using the “Save as Draft” option.

Publish your Instagram guide

Instagram doesn’t allow you to post your guides in your followers’ feeds. You can share it on your stories, enter its link in a post’s description, or forward it personally to your friends.

To access the share tools, open the guide from your profile.

Visit the Guides tab in your Instagram profile

Select the paper-airplane icon to send it to your stories or DMs.

Send and share Instagram guide

Tap the three-dot menu to copy the guide’s link or get to options for editing or deleting it.

Copy and share a Instagram guide's link

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