How to Convert a Login to “Sign in With Apple”

“Sign in with Apple” lets you register for and log into services using your Apple ID, just like you can with Facebook and Google. If you’ve already signed up for a service but would rather sign in with your Apple account, here’s how you can switch.

What Is “Sign in With Apple?”

“Sign in with Apple” lets you register for or sign up for a service without having to provide a password and go through a registration process. The service requires the use of an Apple ID that uses two-factor authentication, so anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac can take advantage.

Sign in with Apple Login Button

When you Sign in with Apple, you don’t need to provide a password at all. Assuming you’re already signed in to your Apple ID, logging in is a simple matter of tapping a button and waiting. Instead of a password, services identify you via your Apple ID, though you still maintain control over what information you divulge.

The service works with existing biometric authentication methods like Touch ID and Face ID to make signing in as quick as possible. You can still sign in to services from any web browser (Windows, Android, and so on), you’ll just need to log into your Apple ID first.

Sign in with Apple isn’t used by every service or app, but an increasing number of developers are introducing support. If you can use the service to log in to an app or website, you’ll see the “Sign in with Apple” button alongside the usual login options.

How to Convert Accounts to “Sign in With Apple”

Since Sign in with Apple was introduced, many more developers have jumped on board and added support for the feature to their apps and websites. If you already have an account with a service that now supports Sign in with Apple, you may be able to switch over to the faster sign-in method.

Connect to Apple Social Login

How this works depends on how each service implements it. We tested and found the option under Account Settings > Social Sign-in, with an option to “Connect” your Apple account for faster login in the future.

Other services can convert your login from within apps that run on your device. For Reddit, launch the app, then tap on your user icon, followed by Account Settings. You’ll find an option to “Connect” your Apple account (alongside a Google account, if you wish) on this screen.

Reddit for iOS

For apps that don’t offer an option to convert, you can try logging out, then using the Sign in with Apple button to “create” a new login. Be aware that you’ll need to explicitly share your email address (rather than choosing “Hide My Email”) so that the service knows to link your existing account to your new login method.

How to Convert From the Settings App

If you save your passwords with Apple, they are synced between devices on iCloud. Some services may allow you to convert to Sign in with Apple under the Passwords section of the Settings app.

Navigate to Settings > Passwords on your iPhone and iPad and authenticate so that you can see your list of saved passwords. Tap on “Security Recommendations,” and then tap on a service that needs attention. If “Use Sign in with Apple” is available, tap it to start the conversion process and follow the prompts.

How Does Sign in With Apple Protect You?

Sign in with Apple means that you have one less password to worry about, which means one less password to change in the event of a security breach. But the same could be said for Google and Facebook’s social sign-in options, so how does Sign in with Apple go the extra mile?

Apple’s implementation allows you to effectively sign up for a service anonymously, without divulging personal information like your email address. When you choose “Hide My Email” on sign up, Apple acts as an email relay, signing you up for an account while forwarding any correspondence to the email address normally associated with your Apple ID.

Reddit for iOS

Unlike similar services from companies like Facebook, Apple says it won’t track or profile you across apps and websites. Apple makes most of its money selling hardware like smartphones and laptops, with additional revenue from App Store sales and cloud services.

Because you need to use two-factor authentication (2FA) to take advantage of Sign in with Apple, every service you sign up for also uses 2FA by default. Most services will allow you to link an email address and create a password for a more traditional login experience if you’d prefer.

Convenient and Secure

Sign in with Apple is a remarkably “consumer-friendly” login system. The way that the service prioritizes privacy and prevents user tracking puts it head and shoulders above alternatives like Google and Facebook.

As more developers get on board, the service will become more prevalent and viable. Are you concerned about giving away too much? Perform an iPhone privacy check-up on your device now.

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