How to Combine Videos on iPhone

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Have you recorded two or more videos on your iPhone that you’d like to combine into a single file? If so, you can use the free iMovie app to merge your videos as well as edit your videos. Here’s how to do it.

How to Merge Multiple Videos on iPhone

If you don’t already have iMovie installed on your iPhone, launch the App Store, search for “iMovie,” and install the app on your device. Apple makes it available for free.

Next, launch the newly installed iMovie app and tap “Create Project.”


In the “New Project” menu, select “Movie.” This creates a new movie project in the app.


You’ll see your iPhone’s media content. Here, choose Videos > All to access all your iPhone videos.

Head to Videos > All.

On the video page, tap the first video you’d like to use. Then, in the icons that open, select the checkmark icon. This adds the video to your selection. Similarly, tap the second video you want to merge. Then tap the checkmark icon. Repeat this step for each video you want to combine.

When you’ve finished selecting videos, at the bottom of the screen, tap “Create Movie.”

Select the videos to merge and tap

You’ll see iMovie’s timeline with all your videos loaded on it. Scroll the timeline to the left to access all your videos.

At this point, if you’d like to reorder your videos, drag a video and drop it where you want it to be. Similarly, to add a transition effect, select the transition icon between two videos and then choose the desired effect.

When you’re done, in the top-left corner, select “Done.”

Edit the videos and tap

You’re now on iMovie’s project overview page. At the bottom of this page, tap the share icon (which looks like an arrow pointing upwards from a box).

Select the share icon.

iMovie’s share menu will open. Here, choose how you’d like to save your merged video file. If you’d like to export your file to Photos, choose “Save Video.”

Choose a share method.

You’ll be asked to choose the resolution for your video. Tap a resolution on the list.

Remember that the higher the resolution (quality), the larger the video file size will be.

Select a video resolution.

iMovie will start exporting your merged video file. When that’s done, you’ll see a confirmation message on your screen. Tap “OK” to close this message.


If you selected the “Save Video” option, your merged video will now be available in your iPhone’s Photos app. And that’s how you bring all your favorite videos together in a single file. Happy editing!

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