How to Combine All Your PC Game Libraries With GOG Galaxy

As every publisher develops its own storefront for you to purchase, download, and play games, it can be difficult to remember which games are where. Unify your collection and your friends lists with GOG Galaxy 2.0.

First, download GOG Galaxy 2.0 from the official website and install it on Windows or macOS.

Download GOG Galaxy

Once the GOG Galaxy client is up and running, click on the cog icon in the top left. Hover your mouse over “Add Games & Friends” and select “Connect platforms”.

GOG Galaxy Connect Platforms

Here, you can select from a list of integrations with the most popular PC gaming platforms, including Xbox Live, Epic Games Store, Origin, PlayStation Network, Steam, and Uplay. You can use the “Search GitHub” field to look for additional integrations, such as games on Humble Bundle,,, Rockstar, Paradox Plaza. Individual games, like Path of Exile and Minecraft, also have integrations.

Find the platform you want to integrate into GOG Galaxy, then click “Connect”.

GOG Galaxy Settings Integrations Menu

A new window will appear, displaying what features from your games and friends will work, alongside some fine print about the feature. When you’re ready to proceed, click “Connect”.

GOG Galaxy Steam Integration

You’ll be prompted to log in with the username and password you use for the service you want to connect. If you use two-factor authentication for that service, you’ll need to enter your code next. Repeat this for any additional platforms.

Return to the GOG Galaxy client, and you’ll find all your PC games can be installed, launched, and played from this client. Once all of your libraries are set up, you may want to keep any other clients installed as some features may not function properly if you uninstall them.

GOG Galaxy Integrated Library

This process only takes a few minutes, assuming you manage to remember all your passwords. GOG has always been a favorite in the community for its anti-DRM practices, and this user-friendly feature helps to further cement that reputation.

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