How to Change Your PlayStation 5’s Privacy Settings

The Sony PlayStation 5 offers a wide range of privacy settings—from hiding your games to removing your name from the PlayStation Network’s search engine. We’ll guide you through how to customize them.

How to Access Privacy Settings on PS5

To access your privacy settings, first, navigate to the main screen of the PS5 and select the “Settings” gear symbol on the top right. It’s located to the left of your profile picture.

Settings PS5 Gear Main Menu

Next, select “Users and Accounts.”

In PS5 Settings, select

In Users and Accounts, select “Privacy” and press right on the D-Pad to begin selecting a privacy setting to change. We’ll go over these options below.

View and Customize Your Privacy Settings

View and Customize Your Privacy Settings PS5

If you choose “View and Customize Your Privacy Settings,” you’ll see another list with many options divided into sections. We’ll go over them one by one.

Items in the “Your Real Name and Profile Pictures” Section

"Your real name and profile picture" PS5 settings

  • Who can see them in search results: With this option, you can opt for your name to not be discovered on the PlayStation Network. For example, if a friend of yours wanted to find you on the service, they can search for your name. If you want your information concealed, you can select “No One.” rather than “Anyone.”
  • Who can see them within games: This changes whether or not your Close Friend can see your name in-game or not. In a multiplayer game like Call of Duty, for example, your real name and profile picture would appear instead of your set username and avatar to friends you set as “Close.” One problem that may emerge from this is if your friend is live streaming to their audience. Your real name and profile picture would appear on Twitch and YouTube streams for everyone to see. Turning this feature to “No One” assures that it won’t be shared online.
  • Who can see them as a friend suggestion: Friend suggestions can appear on the friends tab of the PS5, and your real name and profile picture can appear in those results for close friends chosen by your own close friend. You can turn it off or leave it on.
  • Who can see them in your close friends’ list of friends: Your name and profile picture can also appear in your friend’s list for their close friends that are looking at their account page. Setting this to “Close Friends Only” instead of “Close Friends of Close Friends” assures that only your besties can see your image and real name.

Items in the “Your Information” Section

Your information PS5 privacy settings

  • Who can see your friends: You can opt to change who can see your friend list if you want to keep that secret from others. Perhaps, your friends don’t get along and you don’t want them to know you’re playing with either person. You have four different options available to you: “No One,” “Friends Only,” “Friends of Friends,” and “Anyone.”
  • Edit Your Profile: With this option, you can change your displayed first and last name, online ID, profile picture, avatar, cover image, about (your bio on your profile), and displayed languages.

Items in the “Your Activity” Section

 "Your Activity" PS5 privacy settings

  • Who can see your online status and what you’re currently playing: This option offers you the ability to change if people other than your friends can see if you’re available. You can hide what game you’re currently playing to people outside your friend list. The three options include “Friends Only,” “Friends of Friend,” and “Anyone.”
  • Who can see your gaming history: This removes the ability for others to see what you’ve played in the past. This includes “No One,” “Friends Only,” “Friends of Friends,” and “Anyone.” If you’re playing a title that may be embarrassing or you just don’t want to be bothered while playing a multiplayer game, you may want to switch the option to “No One.” This option takes away the ability for others to see the games you’ve played, your trophies, and your participation in challenges like speed trials. Keep in mind that your profile will still show you playing the game while you’re online.
  • Hide your games from other players: The next step is the ability to hide your games from other players completely. Once selected, the PS5 will offer you a list of your most recently played games. On the right, you can toggle on or off the game’s visibility on your profile. It’s quick and snappy, unlike the PS4.

Items in the “Communication and Multiplayer” Section

Your activity PS5 settings

  • Who can ask to be your friend: This lets you change who can see your profile and add you as a friend. The three options available are “No One,” “Friends of Friends,” “Anyone.” This setting will protect you from spam accounts and will stop strangers from adding you after a multiplayer game. If you don’t want to meet new people through the PlayStation Network and only want to play with your mates, it’s a good option to change this to “No One” or “Friends of Friends.”
  • Who can interact with you through parties, games, and messages: If you want to be completely closed off on your PlayStation 5, you can turn off the ability to play games, be invited to parties, and receive messages with others altogether. The three options include “No One,” “Friends Only,” and “Anyone.” If you don’t want random party invites from players online but still want to interact with your pals, “Friends Only” would be a good option.
  • Players you’re blocking: Lastly, there is the option to see the players you’re blocking. From this screen, you can press X on any profile, and either “Unblock” or “Report” someone. Scroll down to the player and make a decision from there.

Adjust Privacy Settings by Choosing a Profile

Settings PS5 Gear Main Menu

If you want a quick and easy way to set up your profile, PlayStation has set up privacy profile templates, so you don’t have to bother with marking all the options. They are set defaults that give you some peace of mind for the type of player you want to be with your PS5. You can find it by backing out to the “Privacy” section of the “Users and Accounts” menu. The console lists:

  • Social and Open
  • Team Player
  • Friend Focused
  • Solo and Focused

Control How Your Data is Collected and Used

Control how your data is collected and used PS5 privacy settings

If you back out of the “View and Customize Your Privacy Settings” menu, you’re taken back to the “Privacy” menu. Toggle down to this particular section that goes into detail on what data PlayStation can collect from you.

“Data You Provide” retains usage data that can help improve the PlayStation Network and the system itself. You can either choose “Full” or “Limited”. “Full” lets PlayStation take in your behavioral data so Sony can “continually improve and personalize your experience.”  The second choice, “Limited,” only shares the necessary data to keep PlayStation’s features and services operating.

Data You Provide PS5 Privacy Settings Full

“Personalization” has four different options available to you. You can toggle them either on or off with the tab on the right side. They include:

  • Personalized Purchase Recommendations: This data gives you feedback on similar games you’d be interested in based on your purchase history.
  • Personalized advertising: This option shows personalized ads on PlayStation’s products and services that are more relevant to you. It also collects data from third-party sources.
  • Personalized media: This involves video and music recommendations based on your prior viewing.
  • Standard Personalization: This shows non-commercial information based on your experience on PlayStation). You can toggle them on or off on the right side of the text.

Personalization PS5

Finally, “Voice Data Collection” listens in for help with features like Chat Transcription and Voice Input to On-screen keyboard). You should feel rest assured that it doesn’t take into account your voice chat between other players and yourself. You can switch between “Allow” and “Don’t Allow.”

Voice Data Collection PS5

With All That in Mind

You should be all set to play online on your PS5 system now that your privacy settings are complete. There are other options available on the system too, like muting your microphone on the DualSense controller, and the ability to delete your PS5 games from your phone. 

You can also change your profile status by going to the top right of the main menu and clicking on your picture. Press X on it to see your Online Status setting and move the cursor down to appear “Online,” “Offline,” or “Busy” if you don’t want to be bothered.

Set as offline PS5 setting

Happy gaming!

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