How to Change Your Bluetooth Name on iPhone and iPad

Need to change the Bluetooth name of your iPhone or iPad? Here’s how to do it.

Bluetooth is a short-range communications protocol that allows wireless file transfers and wireless accessory connections between your iPhone or iPad and other devices like speakers, keyboards, or mice. If you’d like to change your iPhone or iPad’s Bluetooth name, you’ll need to change the device’s name in Settings. Here’s how to do it.

First, open “Settings” on your iPhone or iPad.

Tap the

In Settings, navigate to General, then tap “About.”

In Settings > General, tap

In the About menu, you’ll see the current device name near the top of the screen. This is the same name that other devices will see if they’re trying to connect via Bluetooth. To change it, tap “Name.”


On the Name screen, enter a new name for your iPhone or iPad, then tap “Done.”

Enter the new AirDrop name and tap

After that, exit Settings. The next time you see your iPhone or iPad in a list of Bluetooth devices, it will have the new name. Happy Day!

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