How to Bookmark Multiple Tabs in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Safari on the iPhone and iPad has a hidden feature that lets you quickly bookmark all open websites to a single folder. To keep things as you had left it, quickly bookmark all the tabs in Safari using this trick.

Open the “Safari” app on your iPhone or iPad and then tap the URL bar. Here, enter a URL and then press the “Go” button on your keyboard to open the website. Repeat this process to open all of the websites that you want to bookmark at once.

Enter the URL in Safari

If you already have the websites open, tap the “Tabs” button, and close any webpage that you don’t want to bookmark.

Next, tap and hold the “Bookmarks” button and then select the “Add Bookmarks For X Tabs” option.

Tap Add Bookmarks For Tabs

From the next page, give the new folder a name. By default, Safari will save the folder in Favorites, but you can tap the Favorites button to see all available locations.

After choosing the folder, tap the “Save” button.

Save Bookmarks in Folder

Safari has now saved all of your open tabs. To access the tabs later, tap the Bookmarks button from the Safari toolbar.

Tap the Bookmarks Button

Here, locate the folder where you saved the bookmarks. Then tap and hold the folder to see options.

Tap and hold the Bookmark folder

Tap the “Open In New Tabs” button to reopen all of the tabs. Later, you can tap the “Delete” button here to delete the folder.

Open All Pages in Bookmarks Folder

From the folder, you can also swipe left on a particular webpage and then tap the “Delete” option to delete the bookmark.

Tap Delete from Bookmarks Folder

Once you’re done with your bookmarked webpages, here’s how you can quickly close all open Safari tabs at once.

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