How to Automatically Sync Save Data Between Nintendo Switches

With a new update, it’s easier than ever to sync Cloud Saves between Nintendo Switches. Here’s how!

Moving Cloud Save data between a primary Nintendo Switch and a secondary console can be a time-consuming annoyance. Thankfully, you can automate the syncing process and keep save data up-to-date on both Switches—even in Sleep Mode!

First, navigate to your Nintendo Switch’s home screen. This can be done by quitting your game or pressing the Home button on your right Joy-Con controller. Then, in the toolbar, select the gear icon to open the System Settings menu.

From the Home Menu, select System Settings

Scroll down and select the “Data Management” tab.

Select Data Management

Choose the “Save Data Cloud” option found at the bottom of the list.

Select Save Data Cloud

Choose the user you’d like to modify.

Select the User you'd like to modify

Select the “Settings” tab.

Select Settings Tab

Finally, turn on both “Automatic Save-Data Backup” and “Automatic Save-Data Download.” You’re all set!

Set both options to On!

Your Nintendo Switch may require you to manually download and upload a cloud save for initial setup, but after that, any Cloud Save compatible titles will automatically sync their save data across all your Switch devices!

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