Here Are the Best iPhone Apps of 2022, According to Apple

Have you tried any of Apple’s picks?

Apple puts a lot of care into making its ecosystem as clean as possible, and this often includes rewarding some of the best and most successful apps and developers in a calendar year. Apple has just handed out awards for the best apps on the App Store in 2022.

The very best iPhone app of the year is, probably coming as no surprise, BeReal. This app was 2022’s social media phenomenon, quickly catching on with users thanks to its concept of staying “real” with a notification firing up at a random time of the day for posting — often at inconvenient times. The game of the year is Apex Legends Mobile, a battle royale that exploded in popularity in 2022.

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Those two above are the best two iPhone apps, but Apple handed out awards for the best apps and games for the iPad, Mac computers, Apple TV, and the Apple Watch. For the iPad, GoodNotes 5 is the best app, while Moncage is the best game. The Mac award for the best app was claimed by MacFamilyTree, while the best game was Inscryption. For the Apple TV, the best app was ViX, and the best game was El Hijo. Finally, the best app for the Apple Watch (no game award here — you’re probably not playing much on that small watch) is a fitness tracker called Gentler Streak.

Source: Apple

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