Got a Netflix Subscription? You Can Play These Games for Free

Netflix has an expanding library of mobile games available to subscribers, across both Android and iPhone. Some of these titles have enjoyed critical acclaim and aren’t to be missed. Here’s where to find them and how to start playing.

Available Games and How to Play Them

The vast majority of these games require an active Netflix subscription, though some are completely free-to-play since they were made to promote a Netflix property (like Stranger Things 3: The Game).

Games that require a Netflix subscription state that they are “available exclusively for Netflix members” in the game description. When you download these titles you’ll need to log in with your Netflix account to gain access, which may happen automatically if you’re already logged in to the Netflix app (for Android and iPhone or iPad).

At the time of writing, the Netflix mobile catalog includes access to:

  • Arcanium: Rise of Akhan (Android, iPhone) — an open-world, roguelike strategy card game
  • Asphalt Xtreme (Android, iPhone) — an off-road racing game
  • Before Your Eyes (Android, iPhone) — a first-person adventure game
  • Bowling Ballers (Android, iPhone) — a whacky bowling game
  • Card Blast (Android, iPhone) — a casual poker game
  • Dominoes Café (Android, iPhone) — a casual dominoes game, with challenges
  • Dungeon Dwarves (Android, iPhone) — a dungeon crawling idle game
  • Dragon Up (Android, iPhone) — a dragon breeding idle game
  • Exploding Kittens (Android, iPhone) — a digital version of the popular card game
  • Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story (Android, iPhone) — a League of Legends themed rhythm-based runner game
  • Into the Breach (Android, iPhone) — a challenging turn-based strategy game
  • Into the Dead 2: Unleashed (Android, iPhone) — a zombie-themed shooter
  • Knittens (Android, iPhone) — a feline-themed match-3 puzzler
  • Krispee Street (Android, iPhone) — a hidden object game based on the web comic of the same name
  • Mahjong Solitaire (Android, iPhone) — a tile-matching puzzle game to play by yourself
  • Moonlighter (Android, iPhone) — a rogue-like dungeon crawler with unique shopkeeping mechanics
  • Poinpy (Android, iPhone) — a vertical climber from the creator of Downwell
  • Relic Hunters: Rebels (Android, iPhone) — a fast-paced shooter
  • Shatter Remastered (Android, iPhone) — not just your average brick breaker game
  • Shooting Hoops (Android, iPhone) — a whacky basketball game, now with guns
  • Stranger Things: 1984 (Android, iPhone) — a Stranger Things-themed adventure game
  • Stranger Things 3: The Game (Android, iPhone) — another Stranger Things-themed adventure game, made to promote the third season
  • Teeter (Up) (Android, iPhone) — a physics-based puzzler
  • This is a True Story (Android, iPhone) — a hand-painted narrative puzzle game based on real events
  • Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt (Android, iPhone) — a kingdom management game, with city building mechanics
  • Wonderputt Forever (Android, iPhone) — a visually impressive mini golf game

Some of these are designed for mobile, others are adaptations of console favorites. There are some real gems in here that are not to be missed.

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Don’t Miss These Must-Play Titles

Hopefully, the descriptions above should help you hone in on your favorite types of games, but it’s worth taking a moment to check out some stand-out titles.

Into the Breach made waves when it was released in 2018. The game is an 8-by-8 strategy title that tasks you with protecting structures, eliminating invading forces, and traversing challenging landscapes. It was developed by Subset Games of FTL: Faster Than Light fame, and received a massive update upon its Netflix release in 2022.

Poinpy is a made-for-mobile title that almost everyone would enjoy. This vertical jumper has you climbing platforms, collecting fruit, and gradually upgrading your character to make future runs easier. The art style is cute and the game is perfect for short sessions.

Before Your Eyes might just be the most unique title on the list thanks to its unique control scheme. The game advances time with each blink of your eyes and uses this mechanic to make a poignant and impactful impression on the player about the passing of time.

You should give Moonlighter and This is a True Story a shot too. The former is a roguelike that sees you tend to your shop by day and adventure by night, while the latter is a visual masterpiece that uses real-world interviews to highlight the difficulties some people face accessing water in some parts of the world.

Get the Most Out of Netflix

These games can help you get the most out of your monthly subscription, but you shouldn’t stop there. For example, did you know you might not be getting Netflix in 4K or HDR on some devices?

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