Google Play Games on PC Now Supports Controllers and 4k

One of the biggest improvements on Windows 11 was its ability to run Android apps. While it didn’t run the Google Play Store, Google did release a solution for playing Android games — Google Play Games on PC. Since then, Google has polished the app to make it not only easier to use, but to also make it feel more native to Windows. Now, Google Play Games on PC is adding some new features to improve gameplay and performance on your desktop or laptop.

First, there’s a new search feature has been introduced to simplify game discovery, allowing you to quickly find specific games in the “All Games” section. To use it, all you need to do is head to the “All Games” section, where you’ll now see a search bar on top where you’ll be able to just type in the game of your choice — the app will pull it up for you, or close matches. It’s a bit amazing that this didn‘t have a search feature yet, given how essential searching is as far as app discovery goes and how the regular version of the Google Play Store has had search since basically its inception, but we finally have it.

Additionally, the platform now supports game controllers, including Xbox Series S and X controllers, Xbox One controllers, PS5’s DualSense, and PS4’s DualShock 4 controllers, providing players with an improved and more comfortable gaming experience. Moreover, Google Play Games now offers up to 4K screen resolution on compatible monitors, enhancing the visual quality of games and providing players with the option to choose from various supported resolutions based on their gameplay preferences. If you want to set that resolution, all you need to do is press Shift + Tab in any game, and you’ll be able to choose from a list of supported resolutions.

These changes are now rolling out to Google Play Games on PC users, so make sure your app is fully updated. You can download the Google Play Games app for your PC from the official website, if your hardware meets the official requirements.

Source: Google

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