Google Photos Update Will Help You Hide Private Pictures

Back in 2021, Google Photos introduced “Locked Folder,” a feature that allows you to hide images behind a password or biometric verification. But Locked Folder has two major limitations — it only works on Android, and it doesn’t support cloud backups. That’s changing today, as Google announces Locked Folder support for iOS, plus cloud backups for locked photos. (You still have the option to keep locked photos out of the cloud, of course.)

To set up a Locked Folder on Android or iOS, simply open the Google Photos app and tap the “Library” tab at the bottom of your screen. Then, open the “Utilities” option and select “Locked Folder.” The Google Photos app will ask you to set a password for the Locked Folder, though you can also enable biometric verification (fingerprint reader on Android, Face Unlock on iOS) for quicker and easier access. From here, you need to select pictures from your Google Photos library and move them to the Locked Folder.

Demo of Locked Folder feature

Photos saved to your Locked Folder will not appear in your Google Photos grid. And they cannot appear in any apps. That said, you can now back up your Locked Folder to the cloud — this option makes sense for users who are hiding photos of wedding rings, Christmas gifts, embarrassing selfies, and the like. If you lose your phone, these backed-up pictures will be safe, and they can be accessed from any of your photos or tablets (after entering the Locked Folder password). If you keep extremely sensitive images in your Locked Folder, you should probably avoid the new cloud backup feature, as it’s less secure than keeping those photos offline.

In addition to these Locked Folder improvements, Google Photos is rolling out a new Settings page that makes it easier to set up your backup, privacy, notification, and sharing preferences. This new Settings page is on both Android and iOS.

Install the latest version of Google Photos on your iPhone or Android device to start using these features. Google says that the improved Locked Folders experience and updated Settings page are rolling out today. Note that some users may not immediately see this update.

Source: Google

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