Google Maps Makes It Easier to Share Your Location on iPhone

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With the latest version of Google Maps for iPhone and iPad, you can share your location with friends, get traffic information more quickly, and even access a dark mode on your iPhone within the popular navigation app.

Google Maps Gets Real-Time Location Sharing on iPhone

Google revealed that you’ll be able to share your live location through iMessage, and it seems easy enough to get up and running. If you’re on your way to a friend’s house and they’re wondering where you are, you can share your progress as you make your journey.

To access this feature, you’ll need to tap the Google Maps button in iMessage. From there, a preview will appear, letting you know how long your location will be shared. From there, tap the send button and your friends will be able to track you.

Real Time location sharing Google Maps

By default, Google will share your location for one hour, but you can share it for as long as three days—you’ll just need to increase it manually. If you want to stop sharing your location, there’s a “Stop” button you can tap on the thumbnail.

More New Google Maps Features

Google wasn’t content to roll out one new feature for Maps. Instead, the company also added some useful widgets.

First, the company added a widget that shows you traffic in your immediate area. Google also added a new Google Maps search widget that allows you to either type what you’re looking for or tap a button to see nearby restaurants, gas stations, your home, or your workplace.

Google Maps Widgets

To use these, you’ll need to add the Google Maps widget (here’s how to add a widget on iPhone or iPad) to your home screen and then choose which one you want to add. (Or you can add both!)

This feature and the live location sharing are rolling out now, though we weren’t able to access either feature as of this writing

The last addition to Google Maps is a dark mode, which is par for the course for many apps nowadays. This will start rolling out in the coming weeks, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer to rest our eyes with the soothing dark Google Maps look.

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