Google Fiber Home Internet Will Soon Be Faster Than 2 Gbps

Multi-gig is the future, and many internet providers are already moving in that direction. A lot of them, like Comcast Xfinity, already have multi-gig plans, or they’re working on rolling them out. Google Fiber also wants to join the fun, with its latest field test reaching mind-bending speeds.

Google Fiber’s internet currently goes up to 2 gigs, but Google is now testing even faster speeds that could be available to customers within a few months. In the meantime, the company is showing us the results of its latest field test, rolled out in Kansas City. The house of Nick Saporito, Head of Commercial Strategy for Google Fiber, is getting download speeds of 20Gbps through Fiber.

Google Fiber truck

Google says that this is just a stepping stone in the company’s journey to 100 gig symmetrical internet — while it’s not there yet, we’re definitely getting closer.

The fact that Google Fiber is field-testing 20 gig internet doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be getting those speeds anytime soon. After all, it’s not just about speed, but it also needs to be affordable and reliable. You can, however, expect more multi-gig plans over 2 gig to launch soon — the company says it should have more announcements within the next few weeks or months.

If your area doesn’t already have Google Fiber, Google is hard at work bringing it to more people across the US, so if and when these faster plans roll out, you might just be able to enjoy them.

Source: Google Fiber Blog

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