Get Hulu with Live TV for $50 a Month for a Limited Time

Disney is offering three-month Hulu with Live TV subscriptions for $50 a month, which is a massive $20 discount on the usual monthly fee. This promotional pricing couldn’t come at a better time, as sports fans are now clamoring for a cheap way to watch the NFL, CFB, and the final games of the U.S. Open. New and returning subscribers must lock in this deal before October 11th, as Hulu with Live TV will begin to enforce its new $77 monthly fee after that date.

The Hulu with Live TV package includes over 85 cable and local TV channels, plus ad-supported Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ memberships. It can be canceled anytime, it works on all of your devices, and notably, it comes with unlimited DVR recording. If you’re a cable customer with multiple streaming subscriptions, Hulu with Live TV could help you save money, especially during this promotional period. (For what it’s worth, standalone ad-supported Disney+ memberships are also discounted right now.)

Some customers will receive an email alert for this offer. Oddly, Disney makes a point of mentioning Charter in its email — the Charter Spectrum cable service lost access to Disney channels (including ESPN) last week due to a dispute between the two companies. Charter insists that its cable packages should include Disney streaming memberships for free, while Disney obviously argues that it should be compensated. In any case, the idea that Disney’s Hulu with Live TV service could poach some of Charter’s cable customers is very interesting, as Hulu with Live TV is essentially an online cable plan with free streaming memberships! (Shortly after publishing this article, Disney and Charter reached a licensing agreement.)

From now through October 11th, all new Hulu with Live TV subscribers will get their first three months for just $50. Returning subscribers are also eligible, so long as they haven’t been subscribed to Hulu with Live TV for at least one month. After your first three months, Hulu with Live TV will transition to its new $77 monthly fee—if you do not want to pay $77, I suggest setting a reminder to cancel Hulu with Live TV after your third $50 payment is submitted (this will prevent the service from automatically renewing at its normal price).

Source: Hulu

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