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As people get increasingly used to using earbuds while on the go, they’re starting to look for earbuds they can use for everything. Why use a gaming headset if your everyday earbuds can do the same job? That’s precisely the type of person the Logitech G Fits true wireless earbuds are aimed at.

Sure, you can pair these with your phone, but they also include a dongle to easily use them with your PC with far lower latency. Want to game on your phone or tablet? They also feature a low-latency Bluetooth game mode to make audio feel more in line with the gameplay.

That’s not the most unique feature of the Logitech G Fits, however. These earbuds use a technology Logitech calls Lightform to shape the earbuds to your ears, giving you a custom fit. Does this all add up to make the Logitech G Fits your new go-to earbuds for everything, or should they have stuck to a single niche?

Build and Design

Single Logitech G Fits earbud
Kris Wouk / How-To Geek

  • Dimensions: 88.9 x 57.9 x 24.3mm (3.5 x 2.28 x 0.96in)
  • Weight: 7.2 (0.25oz) each

Open up the box, and you’ll notice the earbuds aren’t tucked inside the case, as you’ll often see. Instead, they’re sealed inside another package to keep them fresh, which is a sentence I never thought I would find myself typing.

The reason is the Lightform ear tips are sensitive to the surrounding atmosphere, and you don’t want them to harden before they’re molded to fit your ears. Ultraviolet light can also cause them to harden, so be sure to keep them out of the sun before you fit them.

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The earbuds themselves use a thinner, somewhat pill-shaped design on the outside, as an alternative to the stems on Apple AirPods Pro and similar earbuds. This gives the G Fits a unique look. The earbuds are available in two color options: white, which comes with a white and purple case, and black, which comes with a black and yellow case.

Aside from the earbuds and tips, you also get a Lightspeed dongle to connect to computers and gaming consoles, a USB-C adapter for the dongle, and a USB-C charging cable.

Setup, Fit, and Comfort

Starting the setup for the Logitech G Fits
Kris Wouk / How-To Geek

Looking at the manual, there is a QR code you can scan to easily download the G Fits app, available for Android devices as well as iPhone and iPad. Launch the app, and it will prompt you to open the sealed package with the earbuds and pair them.

Pairing is slightly odd. To initially pair, you need to put the earbuds in the case, close the lid, open the lid, and then press the button inside the case. Then, you pair the headphones as you normally would on your phone before returning to the G Fits app.

Once the earbuds are paired, you’re ready to create your custom fit. The app plays music during this process to help you find the right fit, as you’re supposed to adjust each earbud until the bass seems loudest. Once you’ve found the proper fit, you can start the molding process.

Once the process begins, it takes about a minute. The app instructs you to hold the earbuds steady in your ears and keep your jaw relaxed while the built-in LED lights activate and harden the gel in the tips. It’s a strange feeling when the earbuds begin warming up in your ears, but it was never uncomfortable.


Logitech G Fits Lightform molding
Kris Wouk / How-To Geek

  • Bluetooth version: 5.2
  • Wireless connections: Lightspeed via USB-A receiver, Bluetooth Reduced Latency Game Mode

The Logitech G Fits are equipped with Bluetooth 5.2, but that’s not all. They also offer a reduced latency game mode, which trades a small amount of audio fidelity for less lag between your playback device and your ears.

Of course, if you want the lowest possible latency, it’s time to go for the Lightspeed dongle. This is compatible with Windows and macOS, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Android, and the Nintendo Switch.

Logitech smartly assumes that most people will want to switch between devices, so a triple tap on either earbud is all it takes to switch between Bluetooth and Lightspeed mode. You can also easily toggle Game Mode in the G Fits app.

Music and Sound Quality

Wearing the Logitech G Fits

When it comes to the overall sound signature, this type of do-it-all approach can be tricky. These are very much in “jack of all trades” territory, which means that while there are other earbuds that focus strictly on music, these aim to work equally well for music, movies, and gaming.

A good fit makes for better sound with earbuds, and the fit certainly seems to help here. These aren’t as bass-forward as many other headphones, which can often sound overly boom for TV, movies, and games, but they still pack a punch. The 10mm driver also does a good job of delivering treble.

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Listening to Mac Demarco’s “Salad Days,” that crisp high-end is noticeable. The vocals and guitars are present in the high end, but not overly so. The G Fits also deliver impressively clear imaging, with instruments keeping their space from each other in the stereo field.

Turning to The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows (2022 Mix),” the soundstage remains spacious, but the G Fits don’t offer up as much bass as other earbuds. To combat this, I turned to the EQ in the G Fits app, but this did strange things to the high end. Fortunately, you can create your own presets for the five-band EQ.

Audio for gaming works well. Playing Gunfire Reborn, I first tried the standard EQ mode before trying the FPS preset. Even though the curve looked fairly dramatic in the app, I didn’t notice much of a difference, though both settings sounded fine.

One final thing worth mentioning is that while these offer some passive noise isolation due to the fit, there is no active noise cancellation (ANC) here.

Gaming and Voice

Logitech G Fits next to gaming laptop
Kris Wouk / How-To Geek

While you can use the Logitech G Hub app for Windows and macOS with the G Fits, there isn’t much of a reason to. You can adjust the gain for the microphone and the baseline volume of the headphones, but to adjust EQ or other settings, you’ll still need to use the G Fits app on your phone.

If you’re using the G Fits for gaming on your PC or other supported device, forget about Bluetooth and opt for the Lightspeed dongle. Not only is the latency reduced, but the audio quality seems slightly better as well. It’s worth the slight tradeoff in battery life.

Using the G Fits for voice, whether in games or in voice chat apps, works fairly well. The microphone isn’t the greatest quality we’ve heard, but you can be sure that everyone will understand what you’re saying just fine. As with general audio quality, there is a slight improvement in voice quality when using the Lightspeed dongle.

Finally, one handy feature worth mentioning is that when attached via Lightspeed, a quick double tap on either earbud mutes the microphone. This is useful for covering a sneeze or conversation with a housemate.

Microphone Audio Sample – Bluetooth

Microphone Audio Sample – Lightspeed

Battery and Charging

Logitech G Fits in hand
Kris Wouk / How-To Geek

  • Playback time (Bluetooth): 10 hours of listening time + 12 hours with the charging case
  • Playback time (Lightspeed): 6.5 hours of talking time + 7 hours with the charging case
  • Talk time (Bluetooth): 7 hours of listening time + 8 hours with the charging case
  • Talk time (Lightspeed): 4.5 hours of talking time + 5 hours with the charging case

Battery life depends on how you’re connected, with Lightspeed connections offering less battery life.

On a Bluetooth connection, you can get up to 10 hours of listening time or 6.5 hours of talk time on a single charge. The included charging case adds another 12 hours of playback time before you need to recharge.

When connected via Lightspeed, you get a maximum of seven hours of listening time or 4.5 hours of talk time, with the case adding another eight hours of listening time. Of course, you’ll typically be swapping between Bluetooth and Lightspeed connections, so your playback time will likely be somewhere in the middle.

The charging case is simple, with a single USB-C connection on the back to charge it. There’s no support for charging the case wirelessly, which is a minor inconvenience.

Should You Buy the Logitech G Fits?

The Logitech G Fits attempt to do quite a bit, and they pull off most of it fairly admirably. That said, this type of earbuds still has a niche appeal, at least for the time being, and whether they appeal to you will depend on how much you like the idea of earbuds for gaming or movies.

The Lightform technology is interesting, and it certainly helps the G Fits stand out from other earbuds, but it remains to be seen how well it will work for different people. The Lightspeed connectivity is useful for lag-free audio in gaming, but this isn’t going to matter to you if you’re not a gamer.

If you’re looking for a set of do-it-all earbuds that offer an alternative to a gaming headset, and you don’t require ANC, the Logitech G Fits are a solid option. That said, if you’re looking for earbuds with similar functionality at a lower price, the JBL Quantum TWS earbuds are a solid alternative.


Logitech G FITS

  • Sounds good for everything from music to gaming
  • Lightspeed dongle is great for gaming
  • Lightform molding is novel and seems to work well
  • Decent battery life

  • No active noise cancellation
  • Case doesn’t feature wireless charging

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