Does WhatsApp Notify When You Screenshot?

Key Takeaways

  • WhatsApp does not notify users when you take a screenshot of their chats or Status. Your privacy is protected.
  • Be aware that someone can take screenshots or screen record your chats or Status without you knowing. You won’t receive an alert.
  • You cannot take screenshots of “View Once” posts on WhatsApp, as the app will block this action. Rest assured that your privacy is protected.

Wondering if WhatsApp notifies people when you take a screenshot of their chat or Status? Curious if you’ll get a notification when someone screenshots your chats or Status? Here’s what you need to know about WhatsApp screenshot notification settings.

Does WhatsApp Notify When You Screenshot a Chat?

No, WhatsApp doesn’t notify the user when you take a screenshot of that user’s chats with you. You can take as many screenshots as you want or even record your phone’s screen, and the user won’t be notified about it. You may come across “private screenshot” apps that let you capture chats without WhatsApp detecting it, but this is true of even your phone’s built-in screenshot function. It’s already private.

If you’re worried someone will take screenshots of your chats without you knowing, then it’s totally possible for someone to do that. You won’t get any sort of alert if someone screenshots or screen records your chats. If you find any app or service claiming to let you know when someone’s captured your chats, rest assured that service is a scam.

There’s one exception here, though: WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to take screenshots of “View Once” posts. If you send someone a “View Once” post or you receive one from someone, you can’t screenshot it. If you attempt to do that, WhatsApp will display a message preventing you from capturing a screenshot.

Does WhatsApp Notify When You Screenshot a Status (Story)?

The answer to that question is no. WhatsApp doesn’t notify the user that you’ve taken a screenshot of their Status (Story). You can take screenshots or even screen record someone’s Status, and the app won’t notify them about it. Again, any app or claiming to make your screenshots “private” is a scam, and any app claiming to block screenshots or notify you about them is probably just trying to steal your account credentials.

However, note that WhatsApp does allow users to see who has viewed their Status. The user will be able to see that you’ve viewed their Status, but they won’t know if you’ve taken a screenshot of that Status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you screenshot on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can screenshot both chats and Status on WhatsApp without any restrictions. However, you can’t screenshot a “View Once” post. The app will block you from doing that.

How to know if someone screenshots your WhatsApp Status?

There’s no way to know if someone screenshots your WhatsApp Status. The app doesn’t notify you if someone screenshots or makes a screen recording of your WhatsApp Status. Apps that claim to let you know when someone screenshots your Status are fake apps promoted by scammers. If you’re worried about privacy, it’s simply best practice not to post anything online you don’t want to be made completely public forever.

Does WhatsApp notify when you save a picture?

No, WhatsApp doesn’t notify when you save a picture from a chat or Status. However, for “View Once” posts, the sender will know that you’ve opened their message.

Unlike Snapchat, which is very screenshot-conscious, WhatsApp doesn’t alert the user when you take screenshots or make screen recordings. There are no features in the app that can help disable the screenshot option for chats or other items, either.

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