Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story or Post?

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Instagram doesn’t notify the user when you screenshot their Stories, posts, Reels, or regular DMs. However, Instagram will notify a user if you screenshot their disappearing message.

Worried someone will find out you’ve taken a screenshot of their Instagram Story or post? In most cases, Instagram doesn’t notify anyone about in-app screenshots. However, there is an exception to the rule that you should keep in mind.

Can People See When You Screenshot Posts and Stories on Instagram?

No, Instagram does not notify users that you’ve captured a screenshot of their Story or post. Just like Facebook screenshot notifications, it also does not tell the user that you’ve screenshotted their Reel or a regular DM (Direct Message).

However, if you take a screenshot of a disappearing message (a message sent in “vanish mode”), Instagram will let the user know that you’ve taken a screenshot. Just like when screenshotting Facebook disappearing messages, the user will immediately receive a notification telling them about your image capturing.

An Instagram screenshot notification for a disappearing message.

It goes without saying, but if you’re the creator of a Story, post, Reel, or DM (except for disappearing messages), you won’t know either when someone captures your content’s screenshots. That’s one reason why there are some things you should simply never post online, even in posts that are set to expire.

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Do Third-Party Instagram Screenshot Notification Apps Work?

When looking for Instagram screenshot notification resources on the internet, you may come across apps claiming to help you know when someone screenshots your Instagram Stories, posts, or Reels. You’ll also find apps that claim to help you secretly take screenshots of someone’s Instagram content without them knowing.

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However, note that these apps don’t work and, similar to follower tracking apps, simply aren’t trustworthy. An app installed on your phone has no way of telling when a person on another phone takes a screenshot of your Instagram content. You should avoid installing any app that make dubious claims like that as it may contain malicious software and may be collecting your personal data.

If you’re having trouble with your Instagram account, you might consider trying to contact Instagram, or blocking a user who’s giving you trouble. If you’re concerned with privacy on Instagram, learn how you can avoid sending read receipts when looking at private messages.

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