Cooler Master’s New Chair Will Vibrate With Your Games

An immersive gaming chair?

As far as gaming chairs go, most people just want something that’s comfortable for long gaming sessions, and the most avid enthusiasts might want things like RGB lights on it. This new chair by Cooler Master, though, is something special.

The Cooler Master Synk X chair looks, at a first glance, like a comfortable cushioned chair. However, its real features are on the inside. The company says that the chair provides “lifelike immersion,” taking sound waves and converting them into tactile feedback and vibrations across the chair.

Cooler Master

If you hear something loud in a game, you’ll feel it on your chair as well. This feature is cross-platform, too, and you’ll be able to use it not only on your gaming PC, but also on your game console, your TV, or even your smartphone.

Other than this, it’s your fairly standard gaming chair, made from molded memory foam with a breathable fabric and featuring a 135° recline angle. Really, the only feature that makes this chair special is that you can feel sounds through your body while you’re sitting down.

If this concept interests you, make sure you check out Cooler Master’s website to know more and keep an eye out to buy this on your retailer of choice.

Source: Cooler Master

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