ASUS’s New Wireless Mouse Can Hang On Your Bag

You don’t need room *in* your bag for this mouse.

Most computer mice look and work roughly the same, but there’s always room for something new and interesting. ASUS just revealed the SmartO Mouse MD200, which has the distinction of being able to hang off a bag or other hook.

The main highlight for the SmartO Mouse is the elastic carrying loop built into the front, below the left and right-click buttons. ASUS says it “can be effortlessly slipped over the user’s finger, making it especially useful when moving from a workstation to a meeting room.” The loop can also be used to hang the mouse when not in use, ideal for attaching to the outside of slim laptop bags. You could also theoretically keep the mouse on a keychain, or hang it on the wall like a photo frame.

Besides the loop, there’s support for both Bluetooth 5.0 and lower-latency 2.4 GHz with a wireless adapter, and it can switch between three paired Bluetooth devices with the click of a button. There’s also a 4,200 DPI optical sensor, and a protective coating of “ASUS Antibacterial Guard,” which should prevent bacteria from sticking around for too long. The power source is a single AA battery — it’s not rechargeable over USB, but nothing is stopping you from saving a few trees and using rechargeable batteries. Finally, ASUS’s software allows you to change the button mappings, check the battery level, and modify other settings.

You can learn more about the mouse from its product page. It does not appear to be available for sale yet.

Source: ASUS

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