Archeology Is Coming to Minecraft

That belongs in a museum!

Mojang Studios has been working on a major update to Minecraft, known as Minecraft 1.20, and now we know at least one new element on the way: archeology. No, really.

Mojang, one of the many game studios under the Microsoft umbrella, confirmed in a blog post that a new feature in Minecraft 1.20 will be archeology. Areas with sand, like beaches and deserts, will have a new block called “suspicious sand.” Brushing the block with a new item, the brush, will extract items hidden within.

The main item found from brushing sand will be “pottery shards,” and combining four of them will create a pot. There will be a variety of patterns, so you can slowly build up a collection of unique pots for your home base.

There aren’t many more details about archeology yet, and it’s not available for testing yet — Mojang says it will appear in snapshots, betas, and preview releases “very soon.” The studio also says this is just the first iteration, and it’s possible this may connect to other features arriving in Minecraft 1.20. At the very least, it’s great to have some Indiana Jones-esque elements in Minecraft.

Source: Minecraft Blog

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