Apple’s New iPad Pro Has a Speedy M2 Chip and Wi-Fi 6E

The 2022 model of the MacBook Air saw the introduction of Apple’s M2 processor, the first chip belonging to Apple’s second generation of M-series CPUs. Now it’s coming to the iPad with the new generation of the iPad Pro.

Apple announced its new iPad Pro today, with the main improvement being that it’s supercharged with the company’s new M2 processor. Apple claims a 15% improvement in CPU performance compared to the M1, which powered the previous model, as well as a 35% increase in graphics performance thanks to a new 10-core GPU. The addition of an M1 processor on the iPad Pro and the iPad Air allowed for an amazing boost in performance, and an upgrade to the M2 just brings the bar up even higher.

The new iPad Pro also comes with several other quality-of-life improvements. For one, it comes equipped with Wi-Fi 6E support, letting you surf the internet and download things much faster than before. Cellular-equipped models also support 5G. The second-gen Apple Pencil is also better supported on the new iPad Pro, as it’s now detected by your tablet up to 12mm above the display.

Otherwise, this iPad looks almost unchanged from its predecessor. It has the same external design, and it even has several omissions compared to its cheaper relative, the new iPad — that one got a new landscape camera as well as a new, thoroughly improved Magic Keyboard Folio with the option to detach the keyboard. It looks like Apple just took the previous model and swapped the internals out — a strategy the company previously applied with the M2-equipped 13-inch MacBook Pro.


iPad Pro 2022, 6th Gen

The new iPad Pro has the same design but with all the power of Apple’s M2 processor. Get yours starting at $799.

Apple’s newest pro-grade tablet starts at $800 for the Wi-Fi model, and $1,000 if you want it with cellular support. It’s Apple’s cheapest M2 device to date, as the MacBook Air starts at $1,200, but also, it has a different, more limited operating system, so you’d need to check what works best for you.

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