Apple’s New Has Arrived

Apple services work best with Apple’s apps on Apple devices, but the company also offers web versions for some services on Now the website has received a partial overhaul.

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Apple has rolled out a new design for the homepage, which you see immediately after logging in. The old layout was just a grid of icons for each service, such as Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Photos, iCloud Drive, and so on, but the new version has more data visible without opening a specific web app. Widget-like blocks, called “tiles,” can display images and lists right on the homepage.

There’s a “Customize Home Page” button at the bottom, which opens a view to add or remove tiles from the page. There are tiles available for Photos, Mail, Drive, Notes, Calendar, Numbers, Pages, Reminders, and Keynote. Apple also has a standard grid of app icons, either in the “apps” tile, or in the pop-up menu that appears when you click the grid button at the top-right.

New iCloud website screenshot

Apple also added a plus button at the top-right corner, which allows you to create something without opening one of the apps first. There are options to start a new email message, create a note, set a reminder, make a new Pages or Numbers document, and so on.

The actual iCloud web apps seemingly haven’t changed, and there’s still no dark mode support at all. Still, the new homepage is a better experience for whenever you need to check your iCloud data on a work computer or other non-Apple device.

Source: MacRumors

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