Apple Will Let You Repair Your Own Desktop Mac

You now have Apple’s blessing to pop open your iMac.

Apple’s self-repair program launched earlier this year, but so far, you could only really repair iPhones with it. It was recently extended to Macs, and now, more of Apple’s computers are joining the fray.

Apple is officially extending its self-repair program to the M1 iMac, the M1 Mac mini, and the Mac Studio. It’s also being extended to the company’s Studio Display monitor. Previously, as far as Mac products go, you could only repair the company’s range of M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models. You could also repair iPhone models starting with the iPhone 12.

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Keep in mind that Apple’s self-service program is only for experienced power users who would like to take a jab at repairing their hardware themselves. Most people should still send their phone, or computer, over for repairs at an authorized repair center. That being said, if you have the expertise or you’re willing to learn at your own risk, it’s a cool, not to mention a cheaper, way to get your device fixed.

If you’d like to give it a shot, make sure to stop by Apple’s self-service portal to get yourself started.

Source: Six Colors

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