Apple TV+, AirPlay, and Apple Music Are Coming to More TVs

More Ted Lasso in more places.

Apple has been slowly expanding its software and features to other platforms, especially its Apple TV+ and Apple Music streaming services. Now the company’s software is coming to third-party webOS TVs.

LG announced today that Apple Music, the Apple TV app (which includes access to purchased content and the TV+ service), AirPlay, and HomeKit are all coming to third-party TVs running LG’s webOS software. To be clear, those services were already available on LG’s own TVs — the new part is that they will be available on TVs from other companies that are running LG’s software, called “webOS Hub.” It’s not clear why that needed to happen separately, but regardless, it’s addressed now.

LG says that over 200 partners are now using its webOS Hub software, “including Seiki, Eko, Stream System, Konka, Aiwa and Hyundai.” There still aren’t many TVs in the United States with the software, outside of LG’s own models, but that could change as the platform receives full support from companies like Apple. Samsung is also seeking to export its smart TV software to other manufacturers, and TiVo now has a TV operating system as well.

It’s always great to see services arrive on more hardware — no one should be held back from a TV purchase because it’s missing a few streaming services.

Source: LG

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