Anker Made a Clip-on Wireless Microphone

Sometimes on work calls, you have to just get up and walk around the room for no reason. That’s where wireless earbuds or headsets can come in handy, and Anker’s new wireless microphone goes a step further.

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Anker already sells some work-focused products under its “AnkerWork” brand, and the company just revealed another one on the way: the AnkerWork M650 wireless microphone. It’s a kit with two microphones, primarily intended for use with two people at once (such as interviews), but can also be used as a single microphone with the included USB-C or Lightning receiver. Anker is positioning it as an alternative to lapel microphones that usually have a cable running down to a transmitter.

The microphones have a clip on the back for attaching to shirts, jackets, or anything else that will be close to your face. The small transmitter records audio from both microphones simultaneously, with enough internal storage for up to seven hours of audio, complete with a small touch screen for monitoring audio and battery levels. Anker claims it will go from a dead battery to fully charged in 90 minutes.

The AnkerWork M650 should be available starting in March for $249, at the company’s own website and other stores. That’s certainly pricey, but it’s filling a niche — fully wireless label microphones — that doesn’t have many other competitors.

Source: TechCrunch, Yahoo

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